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Why do Muslims memorize the Koran?
It is a well known fact that many Muslims are very proficien...

Why do they doubt the resurrection?
One is constantly amazed by liberal theologians (people who ...

Why defend the Koran?
The God of the Bible does not command His followers to defen...

Beauty, brains and brawn (is God fair that some people do not make the grade?
Beauty, brains and brawn - can we choose how we are born? ...

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Atheists and Christ

If there is one big difference between Jesus Christ and Mohammed it is that atheists will seldom dare to attack or slur the character of Mohammed. They are too afraid of the backlash, since Mohammed is defended through the violence of his s... read more

The Trinity

There are Christians who ‘prove’ by Scripture verses that the God of the Bible is not one God in three Divine Persons (the Trinity). Is their motive to prove that Jesus is not the Son of God? If that is so they are from the anti... read more

The creator is the owner

If a person creates a sculpture, paints a picture, or builds a house, whose is it? Obviously the person who made it is the owner. He or she can decide what to do with it. Nobody can take that right away from him, unless he sells it, or some... read more

Is God and Allah in the same league?

There is often confusion, especially among Christians, when Muslims talk about Almighty God. Do they mean that the God of the Bible and Allah is the same Divine Person? It is important to be clear on the issue. The obvious differences ar... read more

Drinking poison, the test for Christians

Dr Zakhir Naik posed the challenge to Christians that they should be able to drink poison and survive: '...these signs will accompany those who believe: ...when they drink poison, it will not hurt them at all' (Mark 16:18). Would anybody li... read more

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27