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Will all people be saved?
It is increasingly claimed that God, as a God of love, will ...

Is God unreasonable in asking time?
We live in busy times: work, family, social engagements, spo...

Who is partial, God or Allah?
God has no favorites. That is such a comforting concept for...

’Did God really say...?’
The very first verse of the Bible is strangely enough founda...

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    5 Bible Facts

    An introduction to the greatest book ever written. Since the completion of the last book that was included in the Biblical canon, the Bible has seen more controversy than any other book. Today we still see this same phenomena, as the Bib... read more

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    Atheists and Christ

    If there is one big difference between Jesus Christ and Mohammed it is that atheists will seldom dare to attack or slur the character of Mohammed. They are too afraid of the backlash, since Mohammed i
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    Lewenswettenskappe: Wetenskap, Evolusie en Mites
    Ongeveer 95% van die diereryk bestaan uit organismes sonder 'n ruggraat (ongewerweldes). Onder hulle is insekte, krappe, torre, motte, skoenlappers, wurms, sponse, enkel sellige diertjies, slakke, see...
    Angry evolutionists
    It is interesting to watch the reactions of atheists and evolutionists when they are confronted with creationism (there are exceptions). Biblical creationists are people who believe that the God of th...
    What value in believing evolution?
    People are normally very lazy, unless there is some reward in what they do. The athlete will train hard to win medals and honour; the ordinary person will sweat in the gym for the health benefits; the...

    "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27