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Pathological fear of the flood
One thing evolutionists are adamant about is that there was ...

Rob Bell and hell
Universalism is the idea that all men are predestined for sa...

Judging others
When are we judging people? May we judge?Paul called on the...

Can we trust Genesis 1?
According to the Bible God created the heavens and the earth...

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    An introduction to the greatest book ever written. Since the completion of the last book that was included in the Biblical canon, the Bible has seen more controversy than any other book. Today we still see this same phenomena, as the Bib... read more

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    God’s disproportionate system

    Have you heard the question, 'What kind of God would condemn a person to eternal hell for a few years of sin on earth? Can He be the God of love that the Bible claims He is?' God tells us clearly in
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    Who is Gabriel?
    In the Bible we meet the angel Gabriel, a messenger from God. Mohammad claimed that the angel Gabriel gave him his revelations. The question is: are the two Gabriels the same person? The answer is, No...
    The eighth wonder of the world
    We have all heard of the seven wonders of the world and at present there are quite a few such lists, for example: in the ancient world (the Egyptian pyramid of Giza and the temple of Artemis at Ephesu...
    Dating methods are not reliable.
    An old earth convinces people that evolution must be true. How reliable is the radioisotope dating with which the great ages of the rocks of our planet are determined? We have reason to doubt th...

    "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27