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Dawkins, history deniers and science deniers
Dr Richard Dawkins writes a summary of all his years of accu...

Is hell unfair?
There are people who complain that a God of love could never...

Why do they doubt the resurrection?
One is constantly amazed by liberal theologians (people who ...

Hurt by the church, what now?
According to statistics, many people have had negative exper...

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Who is Gabriel?

In the Bible we meet the angel Gabriel, a messenger from God. Mohammad claimed that the angel Gabriel gave him his revelations. The question is: are the two Gabriels the same person? The answer is, No! There is a fundamental difference betw... read more

The Trinity

There are Christians who ‘prove’ by Scripture verses that the God of the Bible is not one God in three Divine Persons (the Trinity). Is their motive to prove that Jesus is not the Son of God? If that is so they are from the anti... read more

The creator is the owner

If a person creates a sculpture, paints a picture, or builds a house, whose is it? Obviously the person who made it is the owner. He or she can decide what to do with it. Nobody can take that right away from him, unless he sells it, or some... read more

Talk is cheap

If someone says he is wonderful and powerful, it should be verified by his deeds. Many, many people, especially women have been deceived through the ages by smooth talk, only to find out later that there can be a discrepancy between talk an... read more

Pathological fear of the flood

One thing evolutionists are adamant about is that there was no world wide flood in Noah's time.1 They consider a global flood on Mars to account for the geological structures there, even though it is a totally lifeless planet with no flowi... read more

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27