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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 27-06-2007
Category: Atheist related
Are atheists fools?

In general atheists are well educated, clever, well mannered, and likable. People like Karl Marx, David Hume, Bertrand Russell, and prominent scholar Prof Richard Dawkins are examples. But God calls them fools (Psalm 14:1: ‘the fool says in his heart, (there is) no God’. This is repeated in Psalm 53:1). They are called fools, because they insist on cutting off their effective, productive lives at death.

Atheists (the belief that there is no God) base their belief on:

1. The presence of evil in the world. A person who does not know the Biblical teaching of the fall of man and the entrance of evil into this world through the agency of the devil, would think that there could be no good God. They forget that God gave the first man and woman the right to make a choice between two opposites: obeying God or the devil. They chose to follow the serpent, also called the devil or satan and all humanity were separated from God as a result. The devil’s rule of society is clearly visible - evil in the chaos of the world system with anarchy, violence, rape, murder, rebellion and general lawlessness. God’s rule and his eternal kingdom is described in the Bible. Man is automatically under the devil’s command, if he does not specifically choose to follow the God of the Bible.

2. Evolution figures very strongly in society today, since the materialistic world does not acknowledge the creator God. Building a philosophy on a shaky foundation such as evolution is risky at the most. Still it is common fact that many scientists rejected the Christian faith when they came to belief in evolution. Up till now, no clear proofs have been given for evolution. If there were some, there would be no fight against the Bible and God. The latter would just be discarded. Since evolution is an anti-God crusade, the bitter fight against the Bible is going on full steam.

3. There are continual statements through various media that the Bible is just a book with many errors and contradictions. It is interesting to note the amount of energy that is expended to prove the Bible wrong. No other religious books like the Koran (don’t the Muslims say Allah is their God?), the book of the Mormon church, the Vedas of the Hindus, and others are attacked in the media and the arts. The fact that only the Bible is targeted is very suspicious, and actually gives away the game. It is an orchestrated effort inspired by the devil to get rid of God, which he cannot do anyway.

Conclusion: The reason why God calls atheists fools is that they choose to cut off their lives after less than 100 years on this earth by rejecting God’s offer and provision of a productive, eternal life.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27