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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 10-07-2007
Category: Evolution related
If Evolution is true...

Many people say: evolution is the truth, because thousands of scientists testify to it. They forget to think logically what it would imply if evolution was really a proven fact.

If evolution of species by natural selection, was a proven scientific fact, it would mean that matter and energy is all that exists. That would mean that there is no spirit world. Where did the unseen spiritual realm evolve from? That would be a very great surprise not only to Christians, but also to Muslims, Satanists, the New Age, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the witch doctors, and to the millions of people who believe in and have contact with the spirit world. The danger of losing your life if you explain to the Islamic countries that Allah is just a myth, would be something of the past. Think of the joy the Jews in Jerusalem would have if there was no longer a fight with the Arab world. The conflict in the Middle East is about who the real God is, the God of the Bible or Allah of the Koran. (The God of the Bible is not Allah. Allah doesn’t have a son.) For what reason would the Islamics hate Israel or America if there was no spirit world? America would rejoice, because the threat of Islamic terrorism would be past.

The theological colleges across the world would be closed. There would be no church services. The buildings would be used to teach people to evolve further in their understanding of matter and energy. Those theologians who delight in proclaiming the fallibility of the Bible, would be looking for other jobs. Writers reveling in how cruel God, how merely human Jesus Christ, and how unscientific Christians are, would write about the wonderful society without religion. (Would such a society be like the atheistic ‘utopia’ of Stalinist Russia where millions of the country’s own citizens who opposed the regime, paid with their lives?)

Sad to say, the day of victory for the evolutionists have not yet arrived. They cannot yet substantiate their claims with facts. They are long on words and reasonings, short on scientific proofs. Christians are loath to just accept modern day creation myths (evolution), and they are ridiculed for it. But character assassination doesn’t prove evolution. And in evolution, science will give evidence. For example, how did life begin (abiogenesis); how does an animal change its own DNA to evolve into some higher life form (DNA is not matter or energy)?

Evolution is naturalism and it cannot be scientifically proven. People believe it by faith, but not because of scientific proof. They want to believe that matter is all there is. They believe it will protect them from God’s judgment, while desperately hoping that there is no life after death. If they find out the opposite after death, it will be too late. But the idea of evolution is wishful thinking. The intricacies of nature, the complexity of the cell, the non-material structure of DNA, defy a scientific answer. The development of science just brings to light more complexity.

People who say that evolution is a fact proven by thousands of scientists, should furnish proofs for their beliefs. In the meanwhile, Christians should not heap scorn on evolutionists for their faith in naturalism, but by wise behavior show off the reality of Jesus Christ’s saving work.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27