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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 28-11-2007
Category: Bible related
Does the devil deserve hell?

Many people are confused by the fact of hell. It sounds incomprehensible and cruel that God prepared an eternal lake of fire where those who will be thrown into it, will be tortured day and night. We agree, but let us look at the facts.

‘Eternal fire was prepared for the devil and his angels/demons’ (Matthew 25:41). It is the same principle as convicts that are put into prison, away from society, so that they can commit no more crimes and do no more damage. What did satan do that he deserves such a sentence? As the original lier, and murderer (John 8:44), the originator of sin, he is responsible for all the murders, thefts, lies, wars, immorality, sacrificing of people and children in the most gruesome ways (think of the Incas ripping out the hearts of their poor victims), et cetera. Thus the death penalty multiplied billions of times over is the just sentence for him and his demons.

Through the ages murderers were sentenced to life imprisonment or capital punishment for their misdeeds. To determine how many people died in wars, how many were murdered, how many marriages were devastated by the sins the devil introduced like immorality, seduction, alcohol, jealousy, drugs; how many communities were left in poverty because of these sins, is difficult. During the whole of human history there were only approximately 300 years without wars.

God does not annihilate the devil, since that would be no punishment for him. He caused all the misery, and then he would just be gone. No, he will have to serve his term confined away from society. Since that eventual society will last for all eternity, he will be incarcerated for all eternity, punished in hell for all the misery he caused, reliving the pain, anguish, and brutality towards his victims (think about the believers killed for their faith in the last 2000 years). He relished it, thinking he could hurt God. But God’s law is universal: ‘what you do to others, will be done to you’. The devil and his demons deserve every moment of pain, anguish and suffering in the burning lake of fire. If you know of a family member or someone, brutally raped and then murdered, or the sexual abuse of children, you will have no sympathy with the devil.

Now what about the people who rejected the Lordship of God/Jesus Christ? With that rejection they actually chose to remain in the kingdom of darkness, because all people are born sinners and destined for eternal hell because they cannot live up to God’s standards. (The miracle of salvation, is that for anyone who believes that Jesus Christ died for his/her sins on the cross, God makes it possible to be with Him in his eternal kingdom.) There are so many warnings in the Bible, so many clear clarion calls from God to mankind to mend their ways (meaning repentance and turning to Jesus for salvation), that no person will ever be able to accuse God of not giving them a fair opportunity of choosing salvation. We read of the Israelites - God sent many prophets to warn them of disaster if they would not return to him. Only when they were punished by exile did they understand the message: God is not only a God of love, but also a righteous Judge who punishes sin and rebellion, Hell is a reality and being saved from hell is also a reality; man decides his own eternal destination. The problem, ghastly as it is, is this: God gave a clear choice: If you do not want Jesus Christ to save you from the punishment of hell, you by your own volition decide to join the devil in hell, a ghastly thought. This is the reason we should never let up telling people about God’s fantastic love that can save from being imprisoned with the devil for all eternity in the burning lake of sulphur.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27