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Created by Alida de Vos on Category: Bible related
5 Bible Facts

An introduction to the greatest book ever written.

Since the completion of the last book that was included in the Biblical canon, the Bible has seen more controversy than any other book. Today we still see this same phenomena, as the Bible remains a constant, deep-seated point of debate. Why would a book that teaches love and peace stir up so much opposition? Is the Bible a normal book? Why is it still popular after 2000 years? Are there unseen forces surrounding this truly unique book?

Join us as we uncover 5 fascinating facts that separate the Bible from every other book on earth.

Books are written by one or more authors sometimes over many years, possibly over a lifetime in rare cases. Unlike other books, the Bible was written over a period of 1500 years. In the course of a 100 years society changes completely; in the course of 500 years, entire civilisations disappear, never to be seen again. The concept of a book, created over 1500 years is almost too immense for us to grasp.

The Bible consists of 66 sub-books which were written by 40 different writers over this vast period of time. Initially this does not seem very significant, since 66 books could be selected randomly and presented as one volume. On closer inspection however, these possibly unrelated books become an intertwined unit with a central, sometimes encrypted message. The unity is strengthened by time defying prophecies and a single purpose. This joins the books into a unique, perfectly authored book with a beginning and an end, that could not be selected from individual literature. It becomes clear that the authors, or could we say Author of all the books was one and the same person - the living God.

The way the Bible was written is different than any other normal or religious book. There is no competition, no match. This book is super natural.

For 2000 years the Bible has been the most successful book of all time. There is no book that has ever come close to the Bible in terms of translations, distribution, sales and results. Does this make the Bible unique? Absolutely!

Through the ages, love for the Bible is still greater than love for any other normal or religious book. There is no competition, no match. This book is truly loved.

Since the first century, organised and political war has raged against the Bible, a “Peace loving” book. Rulers and individuals have attempted to put an end to the Bible, but none of them have been successful. In fact they are gone and the Bible is still here. Today we still have religious groups and countries that ban the Bible. How long will they last? History says they will not outlast the Bible!

No other normal or religious book, was persecuted for 2000 years like the Bible. There is no competition, no match. This book is really feared.

The Bible contains 668 correctly fulfilled prophecies. Statistically the chance of these prophecies accidentally being correct is the same as correctly predicting 100 consecutive lotteries*. There are more that 1000 prophecies in the Bible. 668 have already been fulfilled, 3 are unknown and the rest point to the future and is still to be fulfilled.

Prophecies in the Bible separates it from all other normal and religious books. There is no competition, no match. This book defies time.

* Reference: Ralph Muncaster (http://www.evidenceofgod.com)

The Bible describes both the creation and termination of the world we know. It goes beyond human time to provide a complete picture of human existence and the meaning behind everything. The Bible starts long before our world existed; it explains how time began as God created the heavens and the earth. It relates how God created life and how the world got corrupted when sin entered at the time of Adam. Then the Bible reports how the old world was destroyed by water and how Noah was saved to carry life into the post flood world. Everything in the Bible points to Jesus Christ, who came to save man from punishment for his sin and rebellion against God. This is demonstrated by the word's calendar which revolves around the time of Christ's incarnation.

The Bible also describes how the world is marred by the enemies of God, until it will eventually be destroyed by fire. The Bible says that no one knows the exact time that will happen. Then God will create new heavens and an earth, that has no pain and sin. Only those who chose to believe that Christ died for their sins will be allowed to live forever on that earth. Those who chose not to accept Christ’s salvation, will have to pay for their own sins in the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41) for all eternity. Since all prophecies came true up to now, we have great reason to believe that the Bible’s future prophecies will also come true.

No other normal or religious book provides a more complete picture of our world. There is no competition, no match. This book is above human knowledge.

We live in a society that mostly rejects the Bible. The media provides a constant stream of criticism against the Bible. But, could it be that this book, the Bible, truly is the work of a living God - the Creator of mankind?

If not, how do you explain, a book that;

1. Was created over 1500 years (2000 years ago).
2. Is still more popular than any other book.
3. Is more unpopular than any other book.
4. A book that contains perfect prophecies.
5. A book that explains reason for life on earth, like no other?

There are many human theories, many critics, many opinions, but the content of the Bible is of a divine origin. It stands by itself: unequalled, unique.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27