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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 22-06-2008
Category: Christ related
God’s love story

Who has not sat captivated in front of his television set watching a romantic love story where the girl falls into the arms of her suitor, they have a beautiful wedding ceremony and live happily ever after? Or are we talking about myths and fairy tales? The love stories of our modern times often deviate into jumping into bed long before a marriage covenant has been made and no-one knows how long they will last. Luckily there is an original love story which is the perfect prototype.

The greatest, biggest, most wonderful, original love story is the blueprint of love and eternal loyalty. The Bible relates this first love story. A quote from a twelfth century scholar, Richard of Saint Victor beautifully explains: ‘The infinite God the Father so loved God the equally infinite Son (related in bonds of love by the co-equal God the Spirit) that He brought into being ex nihilo (out of nothing) a finite, material world to be peopled with creatures in the likeness of His Son in order that as the Son’s bride, they could share in the beatitude of the divine life in a way appropriate to finite creatures in God’s personal image.’ (Kelly 59).

God’s love for His Son was so big, and God was so eager to have a bride for Him, that He created the heavens and the earth out of nothing. He made man in His image. (As the body of a person is made up of billions of cells, all working together, the bride would consist of billions of people.) God’s plan was to make very sure that the bride really loved His Son, so He allowed a rival suitor onto the scene to test the bride to be. ‘She’ fell right into the trap, turned from God (disobeyed his command) and was captured by the rival. The plan was that the Son would leave the safety and grandeur of His heavenly palace and go to earth to rescue His future bride.

Jesus, in obedience to the Father, filled with love for the bride, left His glorious ‘palace’, the adoration of angels, and came to earth. The great Prince of the universe came disguised as an ordinary man. In sharp contradiction to that which He was accustomed to, He was born as the child of poor country people, not in a city, not even in a proper house. He never owned a home of His own, did not become rich, and walked around on His feet, no royal carriage, no waiting servants to grant His every wish. Eventually He was crucified in the prime of His life, an act which His rival, the devil regarded as a master strategy. What the devil didn’t realize was that the crucifixion was part of God’s Plan: buying back people from the chains of slavery by His very own blood. He died the humiliating death as a criminal, an abhorrent death in the place of all the people of the world. The devil wasn’t aware of another fact: Jesus would not only lay down His life voluntarily, He would take it up again; he would be resurrected by the power of God. The rival lost the battle against love. The future bride became convinced that if her Prince loves her so much that He would die that painful death to free her from the enemy’s clutches, she will accept his hand and give her all for Him. The fact that love always conquers was demonstrated by the omnipotent Father and His plan for His Son.

The defilement of all peole by the devil, was part of the plan. It did not matter to Jesus. Love is blind, and surely this is the very best example of it. We also understand the principle of love spurned: God is not only heart broken by those who spurn His love for them which He showed by giving His beloved Son to cleanse them from defilement, but on the last and terrible day of judgment, He is also full of wrath. Yet He limited Himself, until the full number of the bride of Jesus Christ has responded, not to interfere with any person’s free choice. He is therefore ‘powerless’ to help the lost at the judgement: we all have a chance here on earth to respond to Jesus’ love.

The end of a good human love story is a passionate embrace, a beautiful marriage ceremony and love and happiness for ever. That comes directly from the original love story of our Lord Jesus Christ and His eternal bride:
A joyful banquet for the marriage that has been planned for thousands of years (Revelation 19:9).
The adoration of the bride for her Bridegroom and His Father (Revelation 19;1, 4-5).
The sound of joyful blessings for Him who gave Himself completely to get a bride.
The rejoicing bride (made up of billions of body parts), sounding like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder (Revelation 19:19:6).
The sun will never set, the love will never die (Revelation 21:23).
It will last for ever, as God’s planning included the most beautiful place for the family to reside for eternity. There will be nothing but peace and tranquility while they work to keep up the ‘estate’. The greatest joy will be the permanent closeness to the beloved Bridegroom.

Do you want to be part of this love story? Jesus made it possible for anyone to become part of the Father’s Family. He gave us a book that explains everything that is necessary to fall in love with the Bridegroom. Once someone has accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for them, God the Holy Spirit becomes his/her Guide to lead him safely to the Bridegroom’s side. It is a journey of change and discipline to learn to become the future spouse of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27