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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 24-06-2008
Category: Evolution related
What does Mugabe teach us about evolution?

We should have a good idea of what is going on in Zimbabwe. The illegitimate government of Mugabe suppresses and harangues the opposition. They torture and kill people and it is apparently justified by the cause: staying in power. They abuse their privileges and enjoy the squandered wealth of the country. The fact that thousands of people are living in dire poverty, and that many are fleeing the country, does not bother him and his cronies.

Why do we connect his strong handed ways to evolution? He can command the police and the military to suppress any one he doesn’t like. In the same way the evolutionists have a stranglehold on academic freedom in the Western world. They can see to it that any person who even dares to differ from them, will immediately be expelled or silenced. We note the furore around the film ‘Expelled’, to understand what a dictatorship means. The evolutionists will not answer the questions the whole world is waiting for namely:
How did first life originate?
Where does the genetic code come from?
Can an increase in genetic information through mutations cause new kinds (for example can a dinosaur evolve into a bird)?
Why does the fossil record not support evolution?
The world is waiting for these answers, not speculations, but scientific proofs. Just think how many people will be relieved to know for sure that because evolution is true, there is no Creator God. But where are the answers? Why are they not forthcoming? For the simple reason that there are no answers. Those questions cannot be answered, as science has long ago proved. Evolution is an impossible process, believed only because a person wants to believe it.

What do the evolutionists do? They behave in the same way as Mugabe. They abuse their powers through laws and threats. Why are they so vicious about something that is impossible? It is because it all has to do with the Bible (If evolution is true, the Genesis account of creation with Adam and Eve and the Fall of man and the necessity of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, is a fairy tale. Then there is no eternal heaven and hell and judgement after death. Then there is No-one to give account to and people can do what they like and need not adhere to moral standards.) Ask any evolutionist what evolution has contributed to science, and they will answer about anti biotic resistance, as if pure genetics couldn’t predict that. There are hundreds of evolutionists all over the world, desperately working on the evolution of the bat, the whale, the birds, or whatever. What does that help society? They can only speculate, as nobody can ever see these ‘miracles’ of changes. The fight against the Bible is so intense, so hateful, so aggressive, that they will not let any body stop them in their tracks. They will literally beat such a person to death by words, or see to it that he/she is relieved of his work. So much for academic freedom. Whoever talked about the ‘bad character of God’, can show God what hatred really is.

What can we say in the face of this farce? Not much, except that the message of the Bible must be worth billions if so much is invested by the devil in orchestrating the idea of evolution, and making such a concerted effort to malign the Bible. We all know that Islam prohibits the preaching of the Gospel on the pains of death in their countries. We can now add another chapter to the persecution of the Bible. That of the evolutionists. Jesus said that there will come a time when His disciples will be persecuted, killed and tried in courts. We thought that time was long past. It is alive and well, if we open our eyes, and see the hatred of these evolutionists towards anything that has to do with the Bible. It should convince us of the reality of Jesus’ words. One thing we do know, when the Bible predicts something, it happens exactly like that.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27