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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 02-07-2008
Category: Bible related
Is the devil a lame duck?

Many believers think that the devil is a lame duck after his decisive loss at the cross. He is not. Look at his devilish strategy concerning God and creation. The Bible states clearly that God is the Creator. The devil sends the message to the world that it is not God, but nature that created everything we see - it is naturalism or evolution. Without any shred of evidence millions of people believe it, and gaily go about their lives, dying without once investigating or enquiring about the truth.

We do experience natural catastrophes like tsunamis, tornadoes (Katarina) and others. Since the disobedience of Adam caused the world to be under the influence of the devil, nature has been in rebellion against its unlawful ruler, like the devil has been in rebellion against the world’s lawful Ruler. Because of the disobedience of Adam, the earth was cursed (that is when the devil took over control of the world, and usurped authority that really belonged to man). Guess who is blamed for these natural catastrophes? Yes, you are right! God is the culprit.

Look at the twisted warped logic that people swallow hook, line and sinker: God as Creator is replaced by naturalism: There is no Creator God powerful enough to speak the heavens and the earth into existence. Therefore there is no reason to consider the merciful acts of God in Jesus Christ, giving man the opportunity of enjoying an untainted, unblemished, perfect world in the life hereafter. But, all of a sudden, in the case of catastrophes God is alive again: Then there is a God powerful enough to cause natural disasters. Then God is the culprit, the spoil sport who hates people and likes to kill them. (Their argument is: The Bible says God loves people, but the catastrophes prove the opposite, namely that God causes death, suffering and pain). This is then used to convince people that there is no reason to consider God as the benevolent Saviour.

What is the lesson to believers?
Please get to know the King of the universe through your Bible. It is the only book that gives accurate information about creation, God’s plan with the world and with man. When you are confronted by these lies, you should be able to refute them. Have at least some arguments why evolution is impossible. And be sure that creation took place in six days, not millions of years. If God took millions of years, how can He do what He says He is going to do in the book of Revelation: quickly, decisively getting rid of evil, destroying the earth completely and renovating it? If that takes millions of years, will the earth be able to last that long? How many billions of people will then crowd the earth? Where will all the food come from? No, God is omnipotent: as He destroyed the earth in a short time with the flood in Noah’s time, He is going to restore all things quickly. Of course, the devil does not like the idea that the end of this creation is the beginning of his destination in the eternal lake of sulphur. So he lies all the way to hell, taking millions with him. Be prepared to refute the devil’s lies.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27