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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 31-10-2008
Category: Evolution related
Can science prove the Bible?

Many people say that evolution is a scientific fact (it is not; it has never been proven scientifically correct).

Many people ask if the Bible is a reliable, scientifically proven book? The answer is, ‘No.’ Science cannot prove a book to be true. Science only studies nature and natural phenomena through observing, testing and repeating experiments. The Bible is a supernatural, historical book, so we cannot submit it to repeated experiments. We can, however, subject the Bible’s statements about creation to scientific methodology:

  1. God created everything in kinds and the study of genetics and the DNA, supported by paleontology, have confirmed the stability of species.
  2. Science has not yet proven that immediate creation in six days is impossible, because abiogenesis, the spontaneous generation of life, has not been proven in the laboratory.
  3. Science uncovers more and more complexity. Complexity doesn’t have its origin in chance. It points directly to design. The cell with its amazing complexity, or biological systems like blood clotting, show that chance development over millions of years is impossible - these systems are either fully functional, or they cannot remain alive. Either they work, or they don’t.

God created animals and plants according to kinds. Simplified, this means that the various species will remain as they are. Even if there are many variations within a kind, they do not change to become another kind - all the variations of dogs will always be dogs, all the variations of cats will always be cats, and all the variations of humans will always be humans. Bear and Whale No evidence of species changing has ever been observed, except in hypothetical reconstructions, which cannot be verified by direct observation or scientific principles (E Mayer, What Evolution is, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2001, p 17, the case of the whale, and the rebuttal, V Sodera, One small Speck to Man, the evolution myth, Markono Print Media, 2003, p 194 - 233).

God never gives any scientific explanations for His statements since the Bible is always up to date in every age and civilization. The man of 500 BC, or 500 AD or 1500 AD or 2050 is able to understand God’s Word. In 50 years time people will laugh at our crude understanding of science, but they will still understand that God created in 6 days.

God clearly says that humans are different from animals. We observe that every day. We can talk, create, write, build structures; we have emotions like depression, laughter, anxiety, and other reactions that we generally do not see in animals. It has not been proven that chimpanzees can master speech. They might remember some words, or even sentences, but they cannot construct abstract ideas. Science has not been able to prove how language originated. God created man an intelligent soul (V Sodera, One Small Speck to Man, the evolution myth, Marcono Print Media, 2003, p 418-445).

According to the Bible God created the universe, the planets, the earth and everything in it. We know from science that the universe is very finely tuned. It cannot be attributed to mere chance that there are at present more that a hundred constants that are very precise and necessary for life to exist on this planet. For example, the earth is not too far, or too near the sun, moon, and other planets; we have just the right atmosphere; just the right gravity, et cetera (T Woodward, Darwin Strikes Back, Baker Books, 2006, p 160 - 165; W A Dembski, Mere Creation, InterVarsity Press, 1998, p 363 - 383).


Science cannot prove that the Bible is the Word of God. Yet, at the same time, it does support the Biblical statements about creation. We can expect it, since the person who inspired the writing of the Bible and created the world is the same: God.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27