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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 04-12-2008
Category: Bible related
The fight about heaven

We are not always aware of the seriousness of the war against the Bible. It is a war against mankind in general. This war has to do with only one thing: where will a man or woman spend eternity? God gave the Bible to show anyone who wishes the way to eternal life with Him. The devil is in a desperate fight to get at God by preventing men and women to find that way, so that they will spend eternity with him, in the burning lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41). Around us this battle is raging: in the media, schools, universities, films, newspapers, books and magazines. For example, the battle against morality and the family: the enemy attempts to break down discipline, encourage immorality, homosexuality and addictions (all this is opposed to what the Bible teaches). There is a media war to captivate people’s minds. Whether it is Harry Potter, evolution, liberal theologians, or strange religions and philosophies, it all has one goal: to alienate as many people as possible from the Bible (God), or destroy the faith of believers in Jesus.

The question is this: how serious is it really?
When we understand more clearly what it is about, we will realize the worth of the Bible’s message.

  • The first issue is this: is there life after death? If the Bible had been a book about morals for this life, it would have been one of many similar books. There would be no reason to give special attention to it. In the world we find the opposite: there is a war being waged against the Bible. This proves that the Bible is about a life yet to come, as it explains will happen after we die. If death was the end of man’s life, nobody would go to any trouble to oppose the Bible. Conclusion: there is life after death.
  • Will all people go to the same place? No, otherwise again the Bible would have been a forgotten book (if we had one, since there would have been no need for it). If all people die, and all go to the same destination, what would have been the function of the Bible? Then it wouldn’t have been necessary to have churches, or Bible studies, or theological colleges. Life would just be wonderful for some, bad for others, and we all end in a heaven. Conclusion: there are different destinations after death, as explained in the Bible, and the war against the Bible is to get people to make the wrong decision.

What does the Bible teach about life after death?

  1. The time span: Its duration will be eternal.
  2. There are two different destinations, heaven or hell.

1. The time span. We are very limited in our understanding of time. We know people whom we regard as very old. They are maybe 90, or even 100, and we know human history of a few thousand years. Yet when we talk about eternity, a few million years fade into insignificance. We will either be with God or not, eternally. It is also a clear teaching of the Bible that our destination after death is permanent. It cannot be changed. Nobody will be able to escape hell and enter heaven after he has passed out of this life. This fact alone makes our time on earth before death of such crucial importance. A wrong decision here has terrible implications. This explains the viciousness with which the Gospel is expelled and declared unlawful in many places. It is often forbidden in schools or in entire countries. The devil who controls society, would like people to miss the chance of making a decision concerning their eternal destination, because they never get the information written in the Bible.

2. What will heaven be like?
God is the eternal king in heaven, and He is perfect. It means there will be no Mugabes, Stalins, or Hitlers who messed up and murdered many people to achieve their own designs. There will be no dishonest politicians who promise the voters heaven and deliver hell; no political intrigues. The news broadcast will always be the same: the King and His people are alive and well on the wonderful planet. No rebellions, faction fighting, coups; no bribery, giving jobs to the family and the favoured, will be present.

Humans as we know them now, will be a forgotten race. There will be no abusive parents or children; no jealousy, backbiting, slandering among families; no favouritism. The nerds, the less physically attractive, the less popular, and those who do appear on the front pages of Mr and Mrs Super, will all have new bodies like that of Jesus. There will be no diseases, no ill health, no stress, no heart problems, no doctors, no hospitals, no burials, no heartache, no drug or alcohol addiction, no abusive marriage partners; no people who are mentally challenged, or in any other way inferior.

God will see to it that no tear ever crosses our eyes. We will have no bad memories, no bad experiences, no thefts, no murders, no defrauding by some financial pyramid scheme or banking institutions going bankrupt; no worry about food, electricity, taxes, or any other bills; no old age homes, competing interior decoration, or keeping up with the Joneses.

We will have direct access to God and worship and adore Jesus, who made it possible for us to be with Him. The saints who lived through the ages will be there. Who wouldn’t like to discuss the plagues of Egypt with Moses, or find out how Abraham felt when he went to sacrifice Isaac?

The earth as we know it now, is only a shadow of what it will be. The new earth will be beautiful, exquisite, wonderful, with every inch of it prime property, worth billions, because there will be no more deserts, no more uninhabitable mountains, or swamps, or disease ridden places. How glorious that there will be no more hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, fires or freezing cold;
no diseases like malaria, cholera, and others caused by a cursed earth; no earth warming and diminishing ozone layers to worry about.

All the fruit and vegetables will be free from herbicides, pesticides, added hormones, and will be of the sweetest, freshest quality ever. There will be enough food, therefore there will be no need to freeze, dry, preserve or hoard. Marvelous never to have to worry about diets, or diabetes, or cholesterol. It will just be bliss, pure bliss, never ending bliss. Isn’t it bliss just to think about it!

Why is the fight so fierce against the Bible? The devil was with God and knows how wonderful it will be with Him. He will only see it from a distance, as he will be tortured day and night for all eternity. He hates God for choosing to save puny men and women (made of dust, so small, so insignificant, so pathetic) out of his control in the world and showing them the way to eternal life with God in bliss and happiness. He hates man. He is determined to get as many as he can to reject and hate God and the Bible. What will his taunt be to the poor people who will languish in hell with him? ‘Ha, ha, I caught you, and you missed heaven, just as I missed it!’

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27