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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 19-02-2009
Category: Evolution related
What is the motive of Evolution?

Evolution is ‘sold’ as science, but there are sufficient inconsistencies to doubt its plausibility. Does it hide a motive that is far removed from science?

  • God made man in His image (Genesis 1:28).
  • He is the Creator of the universe, which means that He owns it.
  • As King/Governor He has the right to lay down the laws (as it works in any country).
  • His universe is a moral universe. Morality has to do with principles of right and wrong behavior. God only accepts His standards of right and wrong.
  • All men are given the chance to decide by whose rules they want to abide, God’s or their own (influenced by the devil).
  • All people are held accountable to God as we are made in His image and have the mental power to think and make decisions. Only man was made in the image of God. No animal, not even a chimpanzee has to give an account to God by appearing before Him on the great day of judgement after death.
  • That distinguishes and separates man from the rest of creation.
  • If, however man is merely an evolved animal, then accountability falls away.
  • What then is easier than to convince man that he is a descendant of some primate; that he has no soul; that he is not a special creation of God; that there is therefore no life after death; and that there is no judgement and no accountability based on how he behaved while living.
  • This is the goal of the idea of evolution: to prove man’s descent from apes. That would mean that the Creator God is not necessary and man cannot be held responsible for moral misconduct.
  • It settles the problem in the mind of the unbeliever who desperately wishes evolution to be true. Man likes to be autonomous, and accountable to no one, so that he may do what he fancies.
  • Except for one problem: is evolution a fact? That is a tricky question, and most people just accept it as fact, since it has such ‘wonderful’ implications. (They forget that the existence of God and His moral requirements are not cancelled by evolutionary propaganda.) Until now no scientific evidence has shown that evolution is possible. Yet people accept it as fact without critical investigation.

Evolution was birthed in man’s desire to escape the accountability issue. It won’t sell with God.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27