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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 05-03-2009
Category: Christ related
What does God and Hitler have in common?

Just as Hitler wanted to establish a kingdom, in common with many other ambitious leaders who crossed the pages of history, God is establishing a kingdom. Many of the world’s influential leaders (Napoleon, Shaka Zulu [in Africa], Leopold 11 of Belgium, Lenin in Russia and Mao in China) had high ideals and achieved a lot. They tried to establish a lasting reign by getting rid of all opposition. Inevitably there were people who had to be eliminated. Most of the strong leaders like Stalin and Saddam Hussein saw to it that those people were jailed, banished or killed. Because of human imperfection none of these dynastys or kingdoms lasted more that a few decades.

God’s kingdom will last forever, because He is righteous. That means that He is absolutely without character flaws. He differs from those dictators in how He set up His kingdom. God planned with wisdom. He divided His plan into two stages: the one is on earth before death and the other in life after death. Before death all men are rebels, born in sin and under the world system of the devil. While they are living, some people become aware that there must be a Creator. Those people make use of God’s liberation from the oppressive leadership of the devil. They will be with God forever, for they proved their loyalty to Him before they died. (So God doesn’t need to either shoot, jail or outlaw any rebel. It is not a case that the civilian population suffers, as happened in the countries of dictators.)

Now for the big question: why is there then eternal hell for those people who rebelled against God before they died? Isn’t that unfair? People were given the free will to choose their own destiny. Why are they then discriminated against by throwing them in the eternal lake of fire? We have to remember what it cost God to prepare for His eternal kingdom. He created the heavens and the earth. Then He allowed satan on the scene to sift the people through the ages. Jesus left His glorious place in heaven and came to earth. He was born in poor surroundings, lived a simple life, and brought the message of Good News. He was killed to attain salvation for sinful humanity. The wonder of it all is that this ‘package’ is totally free for all peoples of all times, countries and genders. It cost God and Jesus a heavy price to make salvation a free gift. It took meticulous preparation through the ages. God’s special nation, Israel, went through a terrible history to demonstrate the consequences of disobedience. God’s heart ached to see the miseries of His people. He created the nation, led them, and saved them many times through history. He loved them and cared for them, yet when they disobeyed, they reaped the fruit of disobedience for our benefit. The Gentiles got time to be saved. Even now God must be grieved by the hardships that the nation of Israel suffer. Through the ages, through the pages of the Bible, the same message rang out: be saved (from punishment of hell) through the blood of Jesus without cost, since the wages of sin is death. Please listen! Repent, because hell is a terrible reality. It was made for the devil and his demons because they saw the glory of God and still rebelled. Please listen! Like the Israelites the atheists and others refuse to make use of God’s sacrifice of His Son. They, like Israel showed in type, will pay the price of disobedience and the rejection of the Son of God. They are warned, again and again. In their consciences they know that there is a God, but they deny Him, refuse to listen to Him, and then complain. So, whatever they say, God is vindicated by His motives and actions. Man has the choice, it is clear, but no rebels will be with God on the new earth. God gets rid of them in a gentleman’s way: they made the decision themselves. God, as the Owner and Creator of the universe, is righteous and just. People who were warned many times, who knew about Him, and then still told Him in His face that His sacrifice of His Son stinks, will be thrown with the devil in hell. It is sad, but a reality.

Information from C Foss, The Tyrants, 2500 years of absolute power and corruption, Quercus, 2006.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27