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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 12-03-2009
Category: Post-Modern
Did aliens write the Bible?

When we analyze the Bible, we see some remarkably strange facts. For example, some day in the future:

  • The earth will be ‘refurbished’ after its destruction by fire. (Is that imaginable?)
  • Then there will be no death, pain, or tears. Imagine what it will be like with no burials and no hospitals.
  • There will be no evil, like young people seduced into drugs, prostitution or violence!
  • Fruit trees will bear fruit every month of the year.
  • Yet there will be no sun.
  • There will be a great city which will be a cube of a thousand miles by a thousand miles by a thousand miles that will hang above the new earth.
  • Its streets will be of gold.

Such things only exist in science fiction. Why are they written in the Bible? Man can use his imagination in fiction, but this book has been around almost 2000 years, long before science fiction started. Thousands of people in churches believe that the things it talks about are really going to happen. This leaves us with only one conclusion: aliens who knew about these things, who are more advanced than us, must have sat next to the different Bible writers and explained to them in detail what they must write. This is conclusive proof that aliens exist, and that life probably originated on another planet. This makes the search for extraterrestrial life unnecessary. The world can save billions of dollars by researching the Bible, and asking themselves how they can become part of this extraterrestrial life. Who wouldn’t like to live in a place where there are no worries, no problems, and no weight loss diets? We will have perfect bodies, no medicine, no doctors, and no reason to go on holiday, because it will be a perpetual holiday with tame game and the most beautiful scenery. It won’t cripple one’s budget to experience it, because it will be there to be enjoyed everyday. Just think that there will be no more worries about food prices, taxes, government ineffectiveness, earth warming, and a myriad other problems. It will be the real thing: the Utopia we always dreamed of.

The aliens revealed that this utopia is coming. We will even have wonderful bodies like the aliens. We will never have any diseases, because they have been conquered by their advanced society. There will be no wars, no fights, no insurrections or rebellions. Peace everyday, even in our houses, because there will be no difference between men and women. Every one will be equal and no racial violence or prejudice will be present. No one will know who is black, white, or yellow, because we will all be alike.

Did the aliens tell us how to get to this Utopia? Yes, but they do not want to share their advanced science and development with people who will not appreciate it. Therefore they require a passport. The passport is acquired by bending your knees to Jesus Christ. More information of this extra terrestrial message is written in the Bible. They even decoded it so that we can understand it in any of the earth’s languages.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27