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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 04-05-2009
Category: Post-Modern
Are we witnessing another holocaust?

Most of us know about the Holocaust during the Second World War. It was one of the supreme examples of the truth of the Bible. We live in a sinful world, where the devil rules and he hates everything that comes from God. If Hitler had the time, he probably would have annihilated the Jews, just as Haman tried many years ago (the book of Esther in the Bible). Six million innocent Jews perished because of the devil’s plan to prevent the Jews from ever going back to Israel, their promised fatherland. He did not succeed and the Jews have returned and Israel is a state.

Today we are witnessing a mirror image of the holocaust on an even bigger scale. It is not a physical killing, but one that is far worse if we look at it from an eternal perspective. It is not the Jews, but God’s children through Jesus Christ that are the target. The goal is to prevent them from reaching their eternal promised land.

Who are the killers? They are the atheists, evolutionists, skeptics and unbelievers on the web, the YouTube, the media, the filmmakers in Hollywood, the academic institutions, and the religious faculties. They are not content with keeping their disbelief in God and the Bible to themselves: they have a common goal to destroy the faith of millions of people. They do not work with physical weapons, but something far more dangerous: intellectual weapons. They have one objective: the message of hope and salvation in the Bible must be closed off, shut down, trampled upon and destroyed. Why do they all work in unison? They have a general who orchestrates this devastating war. Just like Hitler orchestrated his campaigns, and had his generals, so the devil has his. They are the darlings of the media, the beloved of the world, the writers of best sellers. Since the world is controlled by the devil, he sees to it that they get the medals, the glitter, the gold, and the satisfaction of spreading lies about God and the Bible. They do it for ‘such a worthy cause!’ Just as Hitler wanted to rid the world of the unworthy race (the Jews), they also want to rid the world of the ‘scum,’ the believers. The Christians are supposed to be dangerous, a threat to civilization, those who oppose progress, who believe in miracles, and are just plain stupid.

Why are these enemies of God so successful? We can measure their success in the declining Christian faith in the Western world, and the increase in anti-God behavior like violence, homosexuality, immorality, and addictions. Their success can be attributed in no small way to the work of the liberal theologians who are destroying people’s faith in the inerrant Word of God. They feed on the ignorance of believers in Jesus Christ. While Rome is burning, many Christians are concerned about the ‘good life’: the search for financial security. (What are they preaching on Christian television channels? To be prepared for snatching people out of the fire by prayer and proper knowledge of the Word? No, much rather how someone can benefit from God, as if God is there to please you. It does not seem to bother the Church that so many people simply have no interest in God. The church is not giving enough attention to preparing its members to go out to answer questions about the Bible, because they trust their Bible.)

This holocaust will only stop at the end of the age when the devil will be confined to the lake of burning sulphur to be tortured day and night for ever and ever. The situation will become worse as the end of all things approaches. May we, as the church, understand that evangelism is not always about going to some far away place. It is right next to us, in our own neigborhood. The many people being prepared for the ‘gas chambers’ of eternity, need our love and compassion and faith in the precious, eternal Word of God. May we ask the Holy Spirit to prepare us to spread the message of the hope of eternal life with God.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27