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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 26-05-2009
Category: Evolution related
The devil, evolution’s beneficiary

Was Evolution formulated before science proved it to be true, or is it the result of scientific research? It was formulated in the days when science was still very rudimentary. The idea of evolution was already proposed by Greek philosophers around 500 BC. Anaximandros even proposed that water was important as animals were made from substances in the sea when acted upon by sunlight and that man originated from fish (C A Ronan, The Cambridge Illustrated History of the World’s Science, Book Club Associates, 1983, p 69). It was not scientific research that lead to the idea of evolution.

There is only one person who gains anything by the teaching of evolution. That is the devil. Evolution will therefore display character traits of the devil. The following are some of them:
1) Evolution is mainly anti-God, like the devil. While we find very little if any references to God or the Bible in the true sciences like chemistry and physics, evolutionary literature is laced with references to both - mostly in a derogative way.
2) The devil is an accomplished liar (John 8:44). When we look through evolutionary literature, we find many examples of lies and false impressions. The following are some examples.

  • Science has never been able to prove that first life can originate by itself. Yet evolutionary teaching continues to use the old experiment of Miller-Urey to convince people it is possible. They do not tell you that the experiment was manipulated to achieve the results.
  • The horse evolution series of drawings. The peppered moths. Darwin’s finches. The evolutionists teach people that these small scale variations can lead to new species and types over time. (This is called extrapolation of data, or jumping to conclusions that are not necessarily true.) This conclusion is false and has never been proven.
  • Likewise the many human ancestor depictions in museums worldwide are also in direct contrast to science. No acceptable intermediates have ever been found. That is because mutations cannot increase information. Eating meat does not lead to bigger brains. These are make belief stories. Piltdown man, Lucy and all these ‘primitive’ ancestors have been proven false. They have a theological goal: there is no life after death and people are all mere animals.

3) The devil hates people. He desires not only to harm them after death, but before that while they are alive. One of his ploys is the evolutionary teaching that man has no purpose, no goal and no value. That idea leads many people into hopelessness. If that is true, the natural thing to do is just to live for pleasure: drugs, immorality, alcohol abuse, violence and any other self gratifying life style. Opening a newspaper reveals the lack of direction in people’s lives. With such a world view it is a miracle if people manage to survive. That is why suicides have increased so dramatically.
4) The devil is a thief (John 10:10). Science has as its objective to understand the phenomena of nature, to formulate laws of nature, and then to apply them practically for the benefit of people. Society is very dependent on these applications in transport, communication, medicines, agriculture, et cetera. Evolution grants gobble up valuable money, time and energy and spend it on research that is useless. Why would a researcher specialize in bat or whale evolution? We know according to the laws of information and mutations, that one species cannot evolve into another. Besides, the earliest bat fossils are bats, and the experts are not sure that whale evolution ever took place. All these evolutionary studies are to delude humanity and to disadvantage them by stealing funds, time, energy and intellect that could have been used in the pursuit of valid scientific investigations that can benefit people. Evolution has almost no patents registered, have not bred one new type of grain or improved anything useful. It is a useless endeavor. It has one foundational goal: it tries to prevent people from being reconciled to God. This is more serious than robbing society of money and time. Eventually it leads to hell. Being disadvantaged in this life is not the end, since it is temporary. After death comes the real advantage or disadvantage in the eternal state. There a person is either with God in bliss and happiness or with the devil in the lake of burning sulphur.

Science benefits people. Evolution disadvantages people. God benefits man, not only by providing a way of reconciliation with Him, but also by giving him the mandate to study nature through science, and then to apply that knowledge to improve his life (God’s command to Adam was to subject nature and rule over it for man’s benefit - Genesis 2:28).

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27