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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 06-07-2009
Category: Post-Modern
Ashamed of the Bible?

Are Christians ashamed of their Book? Can they give clear answers when people question them about their faith in the Bible? It is no longer sufficient to give the answer that Jesus lives in your heart (He does). Today questioners want more precise, logical answers.

People ask why they should believe an ancient book with outdated stories and miracles that are strange and difficult to believe? They ask this question on Youtube, the internet, the Web, in magazines, newspapers, films, DVD’s and other mass communication media. The Bible remains a contentious topic in the world we live in. Look at the mostly negative way that Christianity is portrayed. Unless we are oblivious of this and still live ‘in the days of the Ice Age’, we cannot but be ‘overwhelmed’ by the tsunami of anti Bible, anti God propaganda. For example, in a DVD of the beautiful old story of Robin Hood with Kevin Costner in the role of Robin, Islam is glorified. Christianity is portrayed by drinking, rapacious, treacherous priests. The amount of time and energy devoted to convince people of the so-called folly of the Bible is amazing.

At the same time, there are people who loudly proclaim that there are alternatives to the old Book: for example, evolution (without any scientific proofs), atheism (without an authoritative book like the Bible, which is grounded in history), humanism (which teaches that ‘man is innately good’, yet man daily demonstrates his depraved, rebellious, violent and murderous character in the news and by all the wars). These are presented as man’s solutions to the ills of the Bible. The teaching of the Bible is forbidden in public schools of many countries, but at the same time occultism and other strange ideologies flourish.

Why do the critics of the Bible devote so much time to question it? Why do they not merely ignore it? If the Bible is such a fairy tale, why do they go to all the trouble to denounce it? Fairy tales and myths do not last. They have no real effect in society. They do not create churches, or seminaries. They do not inspire people to oppose them (how many people devote themselves to teaching the folly of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales?). But people constantly dedicate their lives to oppose the ‘fairy tales or myths’ of the Bible. Why? For the simple reason: if the Bible is the truth, they are in very big trouble for all eternity. So they have to try to ‘prove’ and in the process convince themselves, that the Bible is myth. But the spirit behind these people, is the devil (who controls society) and is God’s enemy. He tries his best to prevent people from making it to God’s eternal kingdom.

Believers in Christ, do not be ashamed of the Gospel, or of Jesus, or of the whole Bible. It is a very sure message that will lead to an eternity of glory (the opposite of the devil’s eternal torture in the lake of fire). The fact that the world cannot leave the Bible alone, is the best evidence that the Book is not a myth, but reality, truth and life. Make this wonderful book part of your life.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27