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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 15-02-2010
Category: Post-Modern
Aliens and UFOs

What about aliens?
The ET museum complex in Interlaken, Switzerland, estimated to have cost US $76 million dollars, demonstrates the growing interest in the UFO phenomenon (1). This interest began in the USA with the broadcast of HG Wells' book 'War of the Worlds'. A panic ensued, which demonstrated the power of the media to convince people of even unrealistic things. The reality of extraterrestrial life was 'established' in the public's opinion by the following:

  • The genre of science fiction. People like HG Wells, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and AC Clarke were influential science fiction writers. Sagan was the man who said that it would be an awful waste of space if there were not other life forms in the universe (2). The reasoning is, that if life occurred naturally on earth, it must have occurred elsewhere in this enormous universe.
  • Science fiction movies are immensely popular - Star Wars, The Return of the Jedi (part of the Star Wars trilogy), E.T, Alien, Battlestar Galactica, Avatar and others.
  • Along with science fiction movies, came the increased sightings of UFOs and alleged visitations from aliens (3).
  • Space exploration and the 'face' on Mars gripped people with the idea of a civilized race in outer space (4). The idea that a long lost civilization built structures on Mars, was promoted by many, including R Hoagland- 'The Monuments of Mars: a City on the Edge of Forever,' 1987.
  • The belief is that as evolution is true on earth, in a billion year old universe, with billions of galaxies, alien races much older than ours could have evolved somewhere, and they are now teeming throughout this enormous universe. As the other planets are theoretically much older than the earth, their inhabitants had more time to develop better and greater technologies.
  • The Roswell incident was when it was claimed that a flying saucer crashed and the USA air force retrieved the bodies (5). The film Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction (1995), based on the Roswell incident was a huge success. It was also a huge hoax.
  • Another popular writer is Von Daniken, but researchers found many inconsistencies in his books (6). E Meier was found to be a fraud as his video material of flying saucers was models of baking pans, saucers, strings, et cetera imposed on a background of Switzerland's scenery (7). The pictures of his female visitors from outer space, were taken from advertisements and blurred.
  • Crop circles were thought to be the work of aliens, but two men claimed and proved that they made them (8).
  • Reports of abductions (9). Millions claim to have been abducted. Strangely they never bring any artifacts from the space ships. One cannot imagine that they would not have time to grab some objects lying around the space ships. It is also interesting that believers could stop the abductions in the name of Jesus (10). The Bible reveals the existence of invisible, spiritual, evil beings, who will do their best to entice people away from Christ. This is what is happening, as people increasingly reject the Bible, but still look for salvation 'from above,' they open themselves up to these spirits.

All these things worked together to entrench the reality of UFO's, extraterrestrial life, aliens visiting our planet, and even the suggested panspermia (life came from some other more evolved planet). This is a handy 'replacement' for the failure to prove how life began on earth.

Is there life on Mars?
Mars looked like the most likely candidate for extraterrestrial life, especially with the claims that the 'structures' on Mars might be the result of purposeful design ('canals,' the 'face' and something that looked like a pyramid)(11). The 1998 Mars Global Surveyor disproved it, showing they were naturally eroded landforms. Mars appears to be geologically active, with Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the solar system. With the latest photos from the space probe, Mars Express, it was proved not to be designed structures.

Are there UFOs?
There is the ever popular conspiracy theory that governments know more about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), but won't release the information (illogical, because there will always be someone eager to spill the beans for publicity and money). The belief in more advanced aliens has no basis in any factual evidence, but has become a new religion. People want meaning, purpose and hope in life, and hope the aliens will provide it.

If life 'evolved' here, why not in other places?
Questions people ask: Is there life on other planets? Why is the universe so big? It is difficult for people to believe that the earth is the only inhabited planet. There must be life elsewhere, otherwise this enormous universe would be a waste of space. Surely, because other civilizations have not been found, doesn't mean there aren't any? The whole idea of extraterrestrial life could have its origin only in the one (the devil) who is continually devising plans to divert people's attention away from the Bible. It is not strange that neither evolution, nor extra terrestrials are firmly established facts, yet around them have been built a massive 'tower of Babel' with which to reach heaven without God.

What does the Bible say?

  • According to the Bible, the whole creation groans under the effect of the curse, and that includes the whole universe (Romans 8:18-22).
  • God is going to destroy the whole creation to replace it with a new heaven and earth (2 Peter 3:10-13).
  • As possible ET's are not descendants of Adam, they would be destined for hell. Christ came to redeem the physical descendants of Adam, not some hypothetical extraterrestrials. God's fairness makes provision for humans to escape the judgment of hell. God is omniscient, and it is inconceivable that He would not have revealed some information if there were other extraterrestrials. The debate should be left till evidence is found for inhabited planets. As the Bible has been proven true till now, we have no doubt that none will be found.
  • There are attempts by 'theologians' to allow for ETs. One of them is a Dr S Heiser who teaches a 'strange' doctrine, saying that aliens are different from people. They won't inherit either heaven or hell, but they will die, and need not be saved. He believes that the universe is billions of years old. Therefore unseen ET's could have developed, with superior technology to travel over the universe, but they will not replace humans as we have been placed as God's representatives on earth. Angels are not ET's and they are immortal (12). As said, idle speculation should wait till we have some shred of evidence.
  • The whole aspect of UFOs, SETI and ET are intimately tied up with the Bible. Carl Sagan (definitely not a Christian, but a staunch evolutionist), said the following: 'Occasionally, I get a letter from someone who is in 'contact' with extraterrestrials. I am invited 'to ask them anything.' And so over the years I've prepared a little list of questions. The extraterrestrials are very advanced, remember. So I ask things like, 'Please provide a short proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.' Or the Goldbach Conjecture.... I never get an answer. On the other hand, if I ask something like 'Should we be good?' I almost always get an answer. Anything vague, especially involving conventional moral judgements, these aliens are extremely happy to respond to. But on anything specific, where there is a chance to find out if they actually know anything beyond what most humans know, there is only silence' (13). Strange, but realistic words from a man who believed in extraterrestrial life. He was enough of a realist to doubt that they would visit our planet (14).

Is there a reason for alien infatuation?
This interest in 'salvation' from aliens, is another set of the devil to keep people away from the Gospel and to alienate them from God. SETI has so far cost billions, and not one message has been received. It is part of the campaign of the devil to deceive billions of people, letting them live in the hope of life in outer space. Many people never think of precisely how large the universe is and that it will take aliens thousands upon thousands of years of travel to reach our planet. People have become so insensitive concerning the truth of the Gospel, that they will hold on to any straw, however flimsy, if there is the remotest idea that they need not concern themselves with God.

Why do people believe unproven hypotheses?
The Bible warns against strange doctrines: 'They will turn their ears away from the truth, and turn aside to myths' (2 Timothy 4:4). This is what is happening with aliens, UFOs, panspermia and abductions. It is another lie of the devil. Why man would think that it is so terrible to spend eternity in God's presence, is almost beyond comprehension. It is the subtle influence of the devil opposing God's plan for man. He presents God as the cosmic tyrant, instead of the benevolent Saviour.

Can the beginning of life be proved by science?
Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the double helix of DNA), acknowledged: 'An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going' (15). For that reason he proposed panspermia, the idea that life on earth was seeded from outer space.

How can such strange new subjects be taught at universities?

  • Astrobiology: it is the study of life in the universe. It's a new field of research that covers the origin, evolution, distribution, and destiny of life - wherever that may exist. According to NASA, everybody wants to know where we come from and if we are alone (16). Francis Crick explains the attitude of evolutionists and other unbelievers: 'We do not know how life was formed, or the origin of its complexity. We will not accept that God is the Creator and King of the universe. We will look for any other evidence, however implausible. It doesn't matter, just as long as it has nothing to do with God.' That is tragedy at its most horrendous: to sacrifice eternal life for rebellion against God, incited by the devil whom they probably also deny.
  • Exobiology: it is the study of actual life beyond the earth. Although we have not yet found any evidence of extraterrestrial life, 'exobiology' again explains the lengths that people will go to, to 'get rid' of God (which cannot be done).
  • Exopolitics: relations with our extraterrestrial 'brothers.' This is a field of study, although there is no evidence for it. A former Canadian minister of defense in Trudeau's cabinet wants to petition parliament to hold public hearings on our relations with ET's (17).

We note three interesting facts about aliens and life in outer space:

  • No artifact or any concrete evidence has ever been provided by those thousands who claim alien abductions. Strange?
  • SETI has been going for quite some time now. No evidence has ever been found of intelligence in outer space.
  • No planet has ever been found with life on it. It is always 'possible' that life could originate there. With that kind of 'science' anything is obviously possible.

What conclusions can we draw?

  • Society is heavily influenced by the unproven hypothesis of evolution.
  • Aliens and UFO ideology permeate society, and it is accepted as true, without any shred of evidence.
  • The work of Christ as the Redeemer is called into question by the 'presence' of aliens, but no aliens have yet been found (18).

Why all this? It is a 'tribute' to the power of the media, manipulated by the master mind, the devil, to inculcate in citizens that the Bible is not true. The reason for it should be obvious to every reader by now: it has to do with eternal destinations.

The SETI and UFO phenomena can be attributed to the loss of faith in the Word of God. While man continues to search for meaning and purpose in life outside the Bible, he has been deluded into thinking that aliens might provide it. This subsequent drifting in an ocean of strange ideas and philosophies makes it possible to embrace this unproven, but enticing picture of aliens who are outside of God's authority (presumably). If they do not have to give account to God and humans can align themselves to them, maybe the same freedom will apply to humanity. It is, however a vain and tragic hope. The whole question of aliens and UFOs is another amazing miracle of our time: millions of people believe it, but not a shred of evidence for any of it has ever been found.


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"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27