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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 11-03-2010
Category: Atheist related
Atheists’ conference in Melbourne

There is a big atheists' conference in Melbourne, Australia. It is an interesting exercise to compare Christianity and atheism as two religions.

  • Both have a book, namely the Bible, or Darwin's 'The Origin of Species'.
  • Both have a faith, resting on either the Bible, or The Origin of Species.
  • Both believe in salvation: Christians through Jesus Christ's sacrificial death on the cross for eternal life with God. Atheists through themselves for this life only. (The Human Manifesto II said: 'No deity will save us; we must save ourselves.')
  • Both have their evangelists: Christianity has its Billy Graham and others and atheism its Richard Dawkins and others.
  • Both are zealous for their faith, and believe one should defend it at all costs.
  • Both have their conferences, one to build up people's faith in God, the other to build up the faith that there is no God.
  • Both have writers that encourage people on their journeys. Christians have people like John Bevere and Jentezen Franklin, while atheists have people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.
  • Both use the media to spread their message. There are many Christian TV channels like TBN and many secular TV stations, as well as the printed media and web sites.

What are we saying? These religions are hostile to each other. Christianity opposes atheism as it believes that atheism is leading people to hell. Atheists do not believe in God (although they are battling Him all the time), and therefore do not think there is life after death. Atheism rests on the pillar of evolution, which supposedly proves that nature is the creator, and there is no God.

This brings us to the ultimate question: how do we know which one is right? There is a way to compare the two books, namely God's and Darwin's.

  • The Bible can be accepted or rejected as a person chooses (with consequences). If a book may be rejected, there is no reason to tell lies in it. God is known as the God of truth. He is so secure about His book, that He leaves people, who have minds of their own, to decide for themselves whether they believe it or not. We can formulate this principle: Truth can be presented without coercion. We see it with science: it never makes a nuisance of itself by insisting that people must believe its laws.
  • Evolution, however, is different. It uses incessant propaganda, even the law, to ensure it is taught in schools. Children are still easily influenced. In universities it is almost the only paradigm that is accepted and biology textbooks are incomplete without evolutionary praises. Yet the question, 'Is it true?' remains unanswered. People who oppose evolution, especially in the academic world, are persecuted, harassed and discriminated against. Why can't evolution be like other sciences that rely on experimental proofs (evolutionists are adamant that evolution is science)? It cannot be proven by repeated experiments, because it is not a science. It happened in the distant past and must be believed by faith. If it were true, they would not have had any need for the large propaganda machine that drives it.

Evolution, the foundation of the atheist's belief, will probably take up a large part of the conference. People must sooth their consciences and build up their faith that there is no God. Darwin will be hailed as the great liberator from God. We should pray for them. Eternal separation from God, in the company of the devil, will not be pleasant.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27