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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 12-03-2010
Category: Other
Richard Dawkins, an excellent proof that God is real

God is an invisible, spiritual being, whom no one has seen. We know about Him through the Bible, the only book that tells us who He is and what He is doing. As we all know, science cannot test whether an invisible being exists, because science tests observable, repeatable, physical things. Anybody who speaks either against or for God must therefore be influenced by some other invisible being who knows God. As our only original source of information about the spirit world is the Bible, we believe it when it teaches about two main spirit beings operating in the earth, the Holy Spirit and Satan. The Holy Spirit is pro-God and testifies about God and His goodness. The devil, Satan, is an enemy of God and testifies against Him. Satan's main job is to stir people up to hate God, to malign Him, and to heap abuse on the Bible.

Dr Richard Dawkins is a biologist, an ex professor, and an ardent supporter of evolution. He makes no secret of the fact that he is an atheist and loathes the God of the Bible. Evolution cannot really teach him anything about God, so he must have something else that makes him hate an invisible being. Humans have five senses and there is no other way that they can discern the invisible world (it is impossible to see something physically that is invisible). So who teaches someone like Dr Dawkins to hate God? Only the enemy of God, the devil can do that, because if someone hates an invisible being, he must be influenced by an invisible being. That means that invisible beings are real. That is absolutely amazing: evolution denies a spirit world, as they believe only the visible, but Dr Dawkins demonstrates, by his passionate denunciations of God, that God is real.

People think evolution teaches that there is no life after death. They are wrong, because evolution's main thrust is to keep people from preparing for life after death. Evolution implies that people were descended from animals. If a person dies and, like an animal, that is the end of him, what does it matter if he dies as an evolutionist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, Mormon or anything else? It is of no consequence. That means that what a person does with his life is unimportant. He can be lazy, or a hard worker, achieve much or little, depending on his preferences.

Why then is evolution enforced with an almost iron fist? For example, it is made compulsory in the schools and universities of many countries. It is the only origin science that may be taught, while the origins account in the Bible is ridiculed and actively banned. Any teacher or lecturer that opposes evolution as 'true science' is in danger of losing his job or facing severe discipline and vilification. If there is no life after death, why is it so vitally important that everyone must agree that human beings are only evolved animals? If evolution is true then, whatever you believe, you will die and that is the end of you. The insistence of evolution, its propaganda and its indoctrination through the media, is proof of one thing: there is life after death, and not only that, there are two destinations, namely heaven or hell. Evolutionists like Dr Dawkins function as evangelists for hell, a type of Billy Graham for the devil.

What are we saying? Dr Dawkins' real hatred for God is not built on science or evolutionary ideas, but on the influence of an invisible spirit. He is a wonderful example of how true the Bible is: people who hate God can only hate Him if they are influenced by someone who knows and hates God, and is able to influence people. The Bible calls him the spirit of rebellion, the devil, the accuser of Christians.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27