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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 16-03-2010
Category: Evolution related
Parallels between creation and evolution

The hypothesis of evolution and the creation account in the Bible seem to be exact opposites. Yet it is amazing to see the parallels between these two belief systems.

  • They both believe in creation from nothing. For evolutionists all matter came from nothing which was originally concentrated in a single, incredibly dense point which exploded. It is called the 'Big Bang' (1). For Christians, God created the heavens and the earth and all life from nothing, by speaking it into existence (2).
  • They both talk about a terrible fire. For evolutionists it was the 'Big Bang,' the beginning of the universe, time, space and matter. The temperature was supposed to be a staggering 10 billion degrees (3). The Bible also describes a fire (without giving temperatures), but it is still in the future. It will happen at the end of this present age, when history has run its course. The fire will be so intensive that it will burn up everything on earth, the elements will be destroyed, and everything will be laid bare (4). Thus for evolutionists the big fire was the beginning of the heavens and the earth. For Christians the big fire is the end of the present heavens and earth. ('In keeping with His [God's] promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness' [5]. That means that when this present earth has been burnt up and is completely barren, God will renew it to be a perfect eternal dwelling for people who believed in Him.)
  • The Big Bang and the origin of life has not been proven scientifically. It can only be believed by faith. God's creation in six days accords very well with scientific principles although it also is believed by faith (6).
  • For the evolutionist, this present life began with a bare earth and it was planted and populated by the 'creative power' of nature. For the Christian, eternal life will begin with a bare earth (destroyed by fire), which God will supernaturally replant and repopulate.
  • It is totally against scientific laws to believe that the information on the DNA of organisms was added naturally. Nature is incredibly diverse and complicated, from the smallest organism to the biggest creature. If evolution is true myriads of miracles must have taken place. Christians understand from the Bible that the renewed earth will function totally against scientific laws. There will be no sun or sea, and all plants, animals and resurrected saints will live eternally (7). The coming new world will truly function on myriads of miracles.
  • Both believe in a creator. For the evolutionist, nature is the intelligent creator who created all life by chance, natural selection and time. For the Christian, God is the Creator who created the heavens and the earth and all life in six days by wisdom, power and intelligence.
  • Both believe in a flood. Evolutionists believe that there was a flood on Mars that caused the geological structures there. The Bible teaches that there was a world wide flood in Noah's time which destroyed all life on earth, except that on the ark. It was during and after that flood that the earth's geological structures were formed.
  • Both have their faith. One believes in God, while the other believes in Darwin.
  • Both base their beliefs on a written account. One has the Bible, while the other has 'The Origin of Species'.
  • Death has purpose for both. For evolutionists death is the driving force of evolution, as the unfit must die out to make way for the fit. For Christians death is a curse that resulted from sin, but it is a necessary step into God's new, perfect world.
  • Both have a hope for the future. Christians believe that they are saved from hell, to live eternally with God, while evolutionists believe that they are saved from judgement by God, because they are evolved animals whose lives end at death.
  • Both believe in invisible spiritual beings. As materialists, evolutionists, shouldn't even consider that there is a God. By opposing Him, they affirm the reality of the spirit world, which means that man is not a physical being only, but has a soul and a spirit. Christians know from the Bible that the invisible world is real.
  • Both believe in morality. Evolutionists believe that morality evolved and man decides what is right and wrong on his own. Christian believe that morality is prescribed by God in the Bible (8).
  • Both believe in millions of years. Evolution's is in the past and Christianity's is in the future.
  • Evolution advises that a person must enjoy his life (heaven on earth), because there is probably no God. They promise the 'happy end' of total annihilation at death. The Bible advises that life is not always easy for a Christian (the earth is under the curse of sin), but there is a God. He promises the happy end of eternal life with Him.
  • For evolutionists, salvation is being saved from God, for the believer, salvation is being saved from sin to enjoy God's company eternally.

In spite of the fact that evolution and the Bible have so many parallels, it is still wiser to trust God, whose Book has been a boon to countless billions through the ages. Darwin's book has yet to demonstrate those kinds of results.


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"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27