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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 02-06-2010
Category: Christ related
Christians as funeral undertakers

Funeral undertakers are businesses that handle the burial and legal procedures when people die. Their work is to make sure that the bereaved relatives have as 'happy' a funeral as possible because they know that everything has been attended to. Those who remain behind reminisce about the life of the deceased: the influence he or she had on the family, community and country. Often eulogies come too late, because the dead are dead and they cannot hear or see anything done for them. While it is a time of sadness for those who loved him dearly, many people went to great trouble to plan their finances and their inheritance to their family. At times such heirs might even be quite excited about their endowment in the midst of their loss. But it doesn't matter how well that family was left financially, it can never be a 'happy funeral' if they are not sure that the deceased is overjoyed with his circumstances for all eternity. If they could practically hear him say from beyond the grave: 'It is well with me; I don't want to come back; I am happy where I am; don't grieve too much; see to it that you join me in this place,' then even a funeral could be relaxed and pleasant. Christians are spiritual funeral undertakers. Their job is to see that as many people as possible have 'happy' funerals. For that purpose they need to sell funeral policies.

They will only be able to do this successfully if they are very sure that there really are two eternal destinations after death, namely heaven and hell? We can be one hundred percent sure about that by looking at all the evidence that we see around the world. There is a tremendous battle going on against the Bible. It is waged through atheism, evolutionism, Islam, other hostile religions, the occult, and false information and doctrines. This effort tries to obscure the message of the Bible that there is purpose to life and the fact that Israel stands as an objective testimony to the truth of the Scriptures. The obsession of evolutionists to oppose the Creator God, while it has no value for people, is an excellent proof that evolution is not about origins, but about destinations. So we can say with absolute certainty that there is a heaven and a hell. With that assurance we want to beseech people to have a relationship with Jesus before they die (remember we never know when we die). Why a relationship, and what does it mean? Life after death in heaven (which is really on the renewed earth) is depicted as a marriage of the Bridegroom, Jesus, and His Bride (the Church, or saved people). Marriages usually result when people love each other. Can anyone love a person he doesn't know, talk to or care about? No, because love comes through a relationship.

It is exactly the same in the case of Jesus and His future Bride. So, how does one have a relationship with Jesus? That is done through the Holy Spirit in us. How do we get the Holy Spirit in us? Humanity became unholy when Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Then Jesus came to earth and died on the cross for the sins of the whole world. When a person accepts that Jesus died in his place, his sins are taken away and he becomes holy again and can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then he can build a relationship by reading his Bible, but he needs the Holy Spirit inside him to guide him to the right portions and study helps and to teach him. A relationship is of course two way communication: Jesus talks to us through Scriptures, and we talk back by praying.

What happens when a person who has a relationship with Jesus, dies? We don't know exactly what happens on the other side, but we know what ought to happen on this side: his loved ones still grieve, but understand that the deceased is happy and safe. It must be quite unsettling to suspect that the deceased might be an eternal inhabitant of hell. Many people do not believe that there is life after death. Unfortunately, what we think, has nothing to do with what God said is going to happen (incidentally, that is the great danger of evolution: people trust that Darwin safeguards them from God's judgment. He cannot, as he might have a permanent place in hell himself [unless he repented at the last, and from all accounts, he did not]).

It is the privilege of Christians to be funeral undertakers, to make sure that the Legal Spiritual Procedures for people's funerals are in order. They can help others to buy Funeral Insurance, explain that they have to pay their premiums (spend time with God) and obey the fine print (the Bible). Then a person's loved ones can be comforted at his grave side (with a tear in the eye), because they know he is safely with the Lord.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27