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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 21-06-2010
Category: Evolution related
A quick guide to twenty four hour creation

There was a time when cyanide was used to execute criminals in the United States and the Nazis used it to kill the Jews in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. It is such a lethal chemical that death ensues within 10-15 minutes. The reason that this chemical is so deadly, is that it stops the production of ATP, the energy source of cells. Food that is eaten supplies the glucose that is essential for the metabolic pathways to produce ATP energy. If this energy production is stopped, the cells cannot function. The ATP phase motor in each cell is a tiny 'machine' that changes glucose into ATP. It is such a complicated motor that there is no way that it could have evolved in stages and there is no possibility that an organism can live if it is not fully functioning. It is the energy 'factory' in the mitochondria of the cell. The ATP motor had to be operational from the start. It is one of the reasons that instantaneous, supernatural creation is more scientific than slow, gradual evolution. (Darwin did not know about the micro biological and genetic workings in cells, the micro marvels of life.)

Living things can only 'survive' if they were created fully 'functional.' A functional cell (a single celled or multi celled organism) implies a fully operating metabolic system, with its different enzymes, feedback systems, and complicated biochemical pathways. Cells are not like mechanical engines that can be assembled over time and then ignited. All the different parts of the cell, and all the different reactions that take place in the cell, had to evolve simultaneously. All the different 'components' of life had to be present and functioning from the beginning. The following are a few examples:

  • DNA. The cell can only function if all its parts (organelles) are present with the DNA, the genetic recipe, 'overseeing' all the functions. Most people know that the genetic information recipe had to be the result of design and intelligence. Evolution has not been able to explain the natural origin of the genetic information code, because it is as impossible as a computer that types randomly and produces a complicated, informative manual.
  • Enzymes. Enzymes help with the 'digestion' (metabolism) of food. Every enzyme has a very specific reaction that it catalyzes and they all had to be there from the beginning. Enzymes are proteins, that are made on orders from the DNA. The DNA code, however, can only be functioning if the protein manufacturing 'machines' have first built the DNA structure with the genetic code. Only 24 hour creation can logically explain enzymes.
  • Mitosis. Cells die, and must be replaced, especially blood and skin cells. The process whereby cells, bacteria and other single celled organisms divide (in hours or days) is complicated (mitosis). If that process had to evolve over thousands of years, the cells would long have been dead.
  • Reproduction. Likewise reproduction is essential. Where males and females are necessary for reproduction, half of the genetic component is supplied by the male and the other half by the female. With fertilization, the offspring has a full complement of genetic material. If this process of halving the genetic material (meiosis) had to evolve over thousands of years, the organisms would have died out.

This baffling conundrum (all the functions and organelles [parts of the cell] have to be present and functioning at the same time) illustrates that the creation of living organisms had to take place in a very short time. Many Christians have little faith in 24 hour creation of plants, birds, bees, mammals, fish, reptiles, et cetera, but microbiological science has become the ally of the believer. Biblical creationists need not be ashamed of the Gospel. The Bible's statements never contradict science, except when science does not have all the data, because its research is not complete. (The Bible is the reliable guide to the eternal planet of peace.)

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27