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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 25-06-2010
Category: Bible related
Does God exist?

Atheists are continually asking for proof that God exists. One can understand it, as it is of vital importance to them to know. Their eternal future depends on it. If there is no God, they can enjoy their lives without the fear that there is a judgement after death. If God does exist, then they are in trouble, big trouble, for death will auger in the terrifying eternal destiny of the lake of fire. That will be the punishment for foolishly rejecting the Lord of the universe, His offer of forgiveness and the chance to live with Him eternally. To reject the God who sent His beloved Son to earth to live as a poor man, be humiliated, cruelly tortured and then crucified, just for our benefit; to throw that offer back in His face, is bound to have consequences, especially after God's repeated warnings in the Bible.

How do we know there is a God?

  • The Bible. God gave us a special revelation, the Bible, in which He revealed Himself in history. We only know about God through the Bible. If the Bible is true, then we know God is alive and His plans for planet earth will be fulfilled. How can we know the Bible is true, as we have no way of discerning the invisible world? We need to study the history of Israel, the people of God. Abraham was specially called by God and his descendants became God's people so that He could make His ways known to the nations, through them. Not only the history of the Israelites, but also that of their neighbors the Egyptians, their conquerors the Assyrians, Babylonians, Medo Persians, Greeks and Romans left many monuments and documents that testify that the Bible is true.
  • God's enemy. Besides the Holy Spirit who helps us to understand the Bible, we have a hostile witness, God's enemy, the devil, influencing people against the Bible. He made a careful study of the Word of God to find if there were any errors so that he could escape his eternal sentence in hell. If he could have proved that God lied anywhere in His Book, he would have won his case. He found no errors, so he resorted to a campaign of vilification, abuse and slandering of the Bible.
  • His sentence. It is written in the Bible that the devil is destined to spend eternity in the lake of burning sulphur, and he does not want anybody to read that. So he wants to destroy the Bible at all costs. Think of it like this: why would anybody care about an ancient Jewish book, if it was filled with 'fables?' Just as little as we care about Zeus, Aphrodite or Baal, would we care about the Bible if it was a myth. Yet we see an incessant 2000 years battle against the Bible, and that is proof that its driving force is not people, but an evil, eternal enemy of God. Men live and die, but the war against God is kept alive by this eternal spirit, the devil.
  • He influences people. People only engage in this Bible Bashing campaign because they are influenced by the devil. There is no reason for them to do it, as it doesn't bring in money or health. Yet atheists and evolutionists will witness how the chains of superstition can be thrown off, if you reject God. By enticing them to reject the message of the Bible, the devil has some satisfaction that they will share his eternal sojourn in hell (Matthew 25:41). He hates humans and does his best to prevent them from living with God eternally, because he once had that privilege and knows how glorious it is.

There are three weapons that the devil uses extensively in our present age to attack and resist God and the Bible. They are Evolution, Islam, and liberal theologians. The first two function outside the church. The liberal theologians are the fifth column, the traitors, inside the church.

  • Evolution contributes nothing to science, but opposes the creation message of the Bible and in that way destroys faith in it.
  • Islam and its book with no historical revelations, displays an acute hatred for the God of the Bible, Jesus and the Scriptures. Like evolution, they make use of laws to keep their people in subjection. Why do they absolutely forbid the preaching of the Gospel in Islamic countries? The only reason is that the underlying message of the Koran is to estrange people from the God of the Bible and to prevent them from being partakers with Him on His wonderful eternal planet of peace.
  • The liberal theologians deny that the whole of Scripture is the infallible Word of God. If the Bible is not true, why are they then theologians? They should be doing something else like selling insurance or another contemporary occupation.

Do you have doubts that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible are true? Just look at the efforts of their enemies, and you will know that the whole Bible is the truth. We can rest assured: our zeal, effort and work for the Lord will be rewarded, because the devil proves to us the Bible (which reveals God) is true, every word of it.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27