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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 25-06-2010
Category: Evolution related
Evolution proves that there are eternal destinations.

Living in the 21st century, you cannot help seeing that evolution is very important. It is so important that no stone is left unturned to see that all people know it, accept it, and don't question it. Evolution is said to be fact and science. The trade mark of science is that it has many patents, which are put to practical use, like cellphones, computers, electricity, motor vehicles, et cetera. If evolution is science and so very important that one gets the impression that without it, one is absolutely ill equipped for life, we should find many patents and practical applications that benefit society. Where are they? Do we have any records of patented evolutionary laws that are used in practical applications? There are thousands of evolutionists working diligently to prove that evolution is true. There should be some practical benefit for all the time and money spent. Yet they have precious few practical applications, since evolution was not born as a result of scientific investigations, but by Greek philosophers 2500 years ago.

Not only the absence of patents, but evolution also differs from science as it boldly proclaims that there is no life after death, as if it is a scientific discovery. Science has nothing to say about life after death, because it is impossible to do experiments on the eternal future.
If all people die, and that is the end of them, why is it so important that every one must know it? If that is true, then the Olympic athlete, billionaire, dropout that ekes out a meager living, thief, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, humanist, atheist, or whatever, all die, and that is the end for them. What does it matter then how you live? Then there are no prescriptions for behavior. You are relatively free to do what you want and think what you wish, as long as it doesn't interfere with the laws of the country. What then is the rationale for going to so much trouble to see that everybody knows that evolution is true? It provides no better job opportunities. It doesn't guarantee a better marriage or more fulfilled life. It gives society no new inventions. Why are they so insistent that every one believes it?

A characteristic often seen with evolutionists is that they despise the Creator God and the Bible. They don't like Him, and they want nothing to do with Him. Dawkins' book 'The Greatest Show on Earth' is evidence of that. Who teaches them about God, since they deny there is a spirit world? Who teaches them to hate God, since it cannot be their evolutionary ideas? Evolutionists don't harass homosexuals, Buddhists, animists, Satanists, or hippies for what they believe. They only attack the Creator God of the Bible and those who believe in Him. There is only one answer: there is someone who knows the spirit world (which means he must come from there), and who doesn't like God, and influences people (who with their five senses cannot detect the invisible world). This being is identified in the Bible as the devil. Why would he be so concerned that people believe evolution? If there is no life after death, if God is undetectable, what is it all about? It is about one thing: eternal life, with its two destinations. The devil has been sentenced to the bad one. He hates God, he hates man, and he is using the lie of evolution to try to prevent people from preparing for an eternity with the God of the Bible. The lie of evolution that human beings are only advanced animals, will guarantee eternal damnation.

What do we conclude? Evolution is the best evidence in the world that the Bible is true, that there are two eternal destinations after death, and that those who blithely follow the disciples of hell will end there with them. We trust that people will regain their ability to think through the fallacies of what is taught as truth, and come to the real truth, Jesus Christ.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27