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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 09-07-2010
Category: Evolution related
Two questions evolutionists can never answer

Many Christians are confused about creation in 24 hour periods and evolution. Two important questions that evolution have to answer before we should consider that it is true are these:

  • Where did the first living organism come from?
  • Where does the genetic recipe of living organisms come from (the DNA)?

Concerning the first question: if it is said that life began in water, then know that they are giving you false information. Life can never begin in water, as either in the presence or absence of oxygen, no molecules can form. The action of the water will also destroy any formed molecules. The famed Miller-Urey experiment, much touted as proof that life could begin in water, did the opposite: it proved by their wrong and false methodology, that it can't. If your children read or hear about life beginning in the sea, help them to understand one can only believe that if you reject all scientific principles. Just as life could not begin in the sea, neither could it begin on land. Where then did the first living organism come from? Evolutionists cannot answer it, except by the false presentation of atoms combining in some warm little pond. It cannot happen, it did not happen, and it will never happen. That part of the evolutionary scenario cannot be answered. It is one of the reasons why they are looking for life on some distant planet. If they could have proven the origin of life on earth, it would not have been necessary to mislead the public by their supposed search for life on other planets. This is a very real proof that evolution is a doctrine of demons (1Timothy 4:1). For whom is it so important that life must be a natural phenomenon? Only the devil benefits by that, as believers in evolution are supposed to 'know' the Bible is wrong. The Bible's message is about eternal destinations, good and bad. The devil plans the bad for the ignorant and gullible.

The second question is this: the genetic 'recipe' is primary. It determines the structure and functions of every living organism. The DNA is a long list of 'letters' (nucleotides), in a specific order which forms a code, or a recipe (just as the recipe for baking a cake). No code has ever been devised by chance. It always needs intelligence to write it. Denying it, is the same as saying that a computer can randomly type for a month or two, and then a book will pop out. It cannot happen, and the same applies to the genetic code. This means that evolutionists cannot explain the origin of the genetic code as they deny the obvious that God has the intelligence to create it. Honest evolutionists acknowledge this problem of the origin of the genetic code. Those who deny it, just say it evolved, without ever attempting to explain how and when and where (remember it cannot happen in water, nor on the dry land). This is another reason why they are looking to the stars for signs of life.

What have we learned? Just this: both the origin of the first living thing, as well as its genetic code is a mystery that evolutionists cannot explain. The Bible explains it well: God did it. You can trust God. He gave us a wonderful book that will guide us to our eternal home, if we follow its instructions.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27