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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 12-07-2010
Category: Bible related
What do we believe?

  • The Bible is 100% the Word of God. Though written by men, it has a supernatural origin (or Author). The reason is simple: man cannot discern an invisible being, because he has five senses limited to the material world. Any information or message from an invisible God must therefore be revealed to him. There is no reason for any person to believe in man's ideas about a God or gods. As proof for the supernatural origin of the Bible, the following:
    • It is a historical revelation, which means that the facts can be checked with history in the land Israel, its neighbors and archaeology.
    • It has spread over the world in a miraculous way with no force or coercion. Large libraries fill the volumes written about it.
    • It has had powerful enemies from the time the New Testament was completed. The Roman persecution, and after that the Roman Catholic Church. Lately Communism, atheists, evolutionists, and Islam are its enemies. They all display one strange characteristic: they hate God (whom they have never seen) and the Bible. That is a strange anomaly.
  • The Bible explains creation and the purpose for which God did it. It remains strange that the creation message is vehemently opposed by evolution, even though evolution has no scientific principles to support it. Supernatural creation was necessary because man will live with God eternally on this planet that will be renewed.
  • God created man with a free will, so that he could choose whom he wanted to serve. For that God allowed an opponent to set up an alternative kingdom, and we know him as the devil. He is the instigator of all anti-God, anti-Bible propaganda.
  • With the invasion of the devil into the earth, he seduced the first couple to disobey God. This brought the earth under a curse, and ever since then pain, suffering, broken relationships (also with God) and death have been part of human history. Despite that, God still taught people about Himself, and He gives them a limited life span to prepare for eternity on the planet of peace. This planet will be the earth that is refurbished after it has been messed up by sin.
  • God gives man an option: either to love Him and live with Him, or to reject Him and live with the devil in another place for eternity. That place is different to God's; it is bad, very bad, and is known as hell.
  • The devil attempts to rob people of the privilege to believe the Bible and make use of God's offer to man: free forgiveness which means potential entrance into heaven (the synonym for eternal life on the renewed earth).
  • Yet entrance into heaven is not the end of the story. God tests those who will potentially enter. Do they show their love for Him by obeying His commands in the Bible (which mostly have to do with living in peace with others)? Training, as well as guidance and help to live the life of peace, joy, loyalty and love on the renewed earth, is given on this side of the grave.
  • Eternity will be a marriage (the Bridegroom Jesus and His bride the church). Therefore it is vital to cultivate a relationship with Jesus through the Scriptures and prayer and with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • God not only asks, but also helps. We have thousands of verses that apply to our everyday problems and requests, and these are available free of charge. We only need to ask the Holy Spirit and read our Bibles.
  • What will the end be like? As described in Revelation: disaster for unbelievers, but peace and happiness for those willing to pay the price on this side of the grave.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27