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Created by Alida de Vos on 22-11-2006 Category: Bible related
Immigration Brochure

Despite it’s unstructured appearance, the Bible is a book, designed and written with the smallest detail in-mind. It’s main purpose, to unveil the key to the eternal Kingdom of God - Revelation 21,22. It reveals the only purpose of this life - to select a final destiny. The secrets of this adventurous journey to the Kingdom of Heaven, are presented with exquisite precision, in the greatest Book ever written.

People are born and people die. They come and they go. Where do they come from? Where are they going? What is the purpose of life? These are the most pondered and argued questions in life. After arriving, and before going, you experience life. You make decisions, react and cause reactions. You journey! But where to, and why?

Violence, crime, marital infidelity, lies and hate are rife. They make life unpleasant. They are the result of human actions. Choices made by individuals after they arrived, and before they departed.

Some people live in worse conditions than others. And that brings us to the case of Immigration.

For centuries people have traveled over land and sea to escape suffering and hardship (only to meet more of that). Today almost every destination on earth is ruled by a government or a head-of-state. Immigrating to a new location have requirements. Before you pack your bags, you have to apply and be accepted.

So what if we came across a brochure of a country which is crime free, with no pain, no hardships and the best head-of-state possible? A place of peace, harmony, love and unity where everyone is cared for by the government. We would immediately apply to immigrate. Application forms would be procured.

The country makes use of a system whereby potential immigrants are screened and selected. People with a criminal record are rejected immediately. They give preference to certain scarce skills that are in short supply. Logically the old and infirm are excluded since they can no longer contribute to society and would only be a burden. Those who are accepted, don’t become citizens immediately, but must complete a few years of probation. They are required to attend classes to familiarize them with the new country and its laws and traditions.

This scenario can be compared to the Bible. All people in this world are born into this present world system or kingdom-of-darkness. It is the present bad state of things we are experiencing. The Bible is the brochure that contains information about, and an invitation to immigrate to the eternal Kingdom of God, the new country.

The first requirement to apply for immigration to God’s Kingdom is to admit that your present country is far inferior. Admitting one is tired of the injustice, the struggle to find meaning in a sin filled society is the first step towards a decision to immigrate. In Biblical language this is called repentance.

Everyone living in the present country, knows what will be an ideal situation: no murder, hatred, hypocrisy, pride, adultery, backstabbing, et cetera. This scourge of a peaceful suburb, is called, “sin” by the Bible. This means that in the new country, which we are contemplating to immigrate to, there is no such a thing.

All people are born into the kingdom-of-darkness and are on their way to eternal punishment because they cannot live up to God’s standard of perfection. This means no one remotely qualifies to immigrate. No one in this present, sinful country can claim that he/she has never insulted a neighbour, refused to forgive, or told a lie. These are all regarded as criminal offenses in the eyes of the authority of the new country.

No person with a criminal record will ever be admitted.

So the deal is that nobody gets in, unless of-coarse, you can get rid of your criminal record. Now erasing your criminal record is possible, but only by special pardon. This pardon can only be obtained from the Son of the new country’s Ruler. This is Jesus Christ. He is willing to pardon the past offenses, and to give one a fresh start in a new country. But He is so gracious, He makes it possible even while living in the old country, to experience the life of the new. If one doesn’t like it, you are free to go back to living under the domination of the old country.

Special pardon is received, by washing your criminal record with sacred blood. The blood, spilt by Jesus Christ, the Son of the new country’s Ruler. Since no one could enter the country because of their guilt, the new country’s Ruler made an ingenious plan. The guilt of every applicant had to be payed for by the applicant’s own blood. But since this price was to costly for applicants to pay, the Ruler made a different plan. He sacrificed His own Son, who was guiltless, to pay for the guilt of each and every applicant.

Erasing your criminal record is now as easy as asking!

Everyone has the opportunity of immigrating. If someone is not interested in immigrating, God can do nothing about it. But the people who remain in the godless country will eventually have to pay for their criminal deeds. Because right in the beginning, God sentenced the leader of this dark kingdom to eternal punishment in the lake of fire (for as long as the Kingdom of God lasts, which is forever). Therefore those who remain loyal to the convicted rebel will share in his sentence. This is why there will be a judgment, for both of the countries’ citizens. No person who lived on this earth will get past God’s judgment.

Even people who don’t have the special revelation in the Bible, still have the general revelation in nature to help them choose for or against God. If they accept that there is an eternal God on the witness of one of those revelations, they will be acquitted. History has shown that man was made by God with the instinctive urge to worship. There is no tribe that doesn’t worship something. If it is not the living God, it will be tree trunks, birds, the sun, animals, or totem poles. Even modern man who prides himself on materialism or atheism, does the same: he worships either money, sex, self, fame, sport et cetera, if he (influenced no doubt by the devil) rejects God’s revelation. This proves that the general revelation is the truth, otherwise they would not have worshipped anything in particular.

That this judgment is a reality, is proved by the hatred that many people have for the Bible. If it were just a harmless book of stories and parables, it would not even cause a stir. But because it has an enemy, the devil, who opposes God, and wants people to stay in his corrupted country, he does his best to influence everyone he can against the Bible.

The new country is unique because it is an ‘equal opportunity’ place. All are welcome, regardless of education, gender, nationality, economic status, businessman or servant. If you are willing to accept God as president, and to abide by its constitution, you are welcome. No one is excluded.

Since God’s country is an equal opportunity country, God has to make sure that all people are treated the same, and given the same opportunity to immigrate. He made all people the same by letting all be born with a sinful nature (from Adam). Then He gave a set of conditions for entrance into His kingdom which no one can meet: ‘Be without any criminal record, and live absolutely holy lives’. This is only possible through Jesus erasing the record, and giving us the power of living a life acceptable to God.

He gave the Holy Spirit to help all those who want to immigrate. This means that in no way is a man’s natural talents, or will power, or superior intelligence an unfair advantage. All people have exactly the same opportunity. Every one is under the dominance of the same evil dictator trying to prevent the loss of people (like the Berlin wall trying to prevent people from escaping to the West. The miracle of the Bible is that everything that happens in the world around us, has its counterpart in the Bible).

The devil has a special hatred for Jesus, because he is powerless to prevent his subjects from defecting to the other country with the help of Jesus. He knows that because of Jesus, he is eventually going to spend the rest of eternity in hell, and it gives him that fresh impetus to attack the Bible and everything that has to do with God and Jesus with more vigour and hatred.

The Bible is the key to understanding God’s program. Besides being a manual of information about immigration, it is also a method by which God excludes certain individuals from applying. Why would God use a selection process if it is an equal opportunity country? Even though it is an equal opportunity country, it doesn’t mean all people want to go there. Many people find it convenient to continue with their lives as they always did, and are not willing to let go of their imagined freedom (not realizing that sin is a controlling, destructive force).

God gave all people the right of democracy: they may exercise their own choice and freedom of decision and may side with the current leader of their society, which in Biblical language is the devil. The devil has a massive disinformation department concerning the Bible. He has been busy for the past 2000 years since the completion of the New Testament. All unbelievers’ minds have been blinded by the devil, but God gives grace to those willing to investigate the matter. But those who refuse and resist change, He leaves in their ignorance. (Isn’t it the same process as one person applying to immigrate, getting all the papers, and investigating everything, and the other one being content to remain in ignorance?)

This means that in practice, the unbelievers are immediately excluded from qualifying for new citizenship. It doesn’t mean such people cannot later change their minds and apply. This is perfectly acceptable to God.

Once people have made the choice that they want to immigrate to God’s Kingdom and have applied by repenting and accepting that Jesus Christ paid for their sins they go into training. This is to learn the culture and manners of this new, wonderful country.

During training, they can still decide to return to their former country. (Biblically we call it ‘going back to the world’. See the parable of sower in Matt 13.)

For some people the training is too hard, the luxury life, of being boss of your own life (which is of course not the truth) is too enticing, or they are simply too lazy. The training takes place here on earth.

We call it ‘being under the authority of God, being led by the Holy Spirit, obeying the laws of God through the power of Jesus Christ, and having the Bible as an infallible guide’. The main emphasis is on obedience, perseverance and loyalty because those are the standard ways of living in the Kingdom of God and leads to peace and unity.

Do we live up to the standards of the new country? We have the power of the blood of Jesus who died in our place, the help of the Holy Spirit and the written Word to assist us in this new life experience. Even if we transgress the new country’s laws, we have a means of getting the fine paid by admission of guilt (1 John 2:1,2).

God and the devil, both spiritual beings, work through humans by influencing them (see Cain and Abel as the division of society, some for and some against God, Gen 4, 1 John 3:12). Thus we find ministers eager to proclaim the truth of the Gospel, and we find atheists and evolutionists just as eager to ridicule and attack the Gospel. It all has to do with man’s eternal future: either with God in His eternal glorious kingdom, or with the devil in hell.

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"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27