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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 02-11-2012
Category: Evolution related
What value in believing evolution?

People are normally very lazy, unless there is some reward in what they do. The athlete will train hard to win medals and honour; the ordinary person will sweat in the gym for the health benefits; the business man will work hard to retire comfortably; the student will study for a profitable vocation to earn enough money; the scientist will apply himself to do experiments and discover the laws of nature.

The question we ask is, what reward is there for a person who believes evolution? Whatever way one looks at evolution, it has to be believed by faith. What compounds the problem is that many who accept evolution often don't really know their subject. Do a test, and ask a person who believes in evolution to scientifically prove that life evolved randomly and naturally by itself without the Creator, with special emphasis on the genetic code (DNA)? Does he know what five atoms make up the double helix? Can he explain the origin of the proteins and enzymes needed in a cell so that the genetic code can do its work? Most people won't be able to answer, because they just believed those who told them that everything evolved and that is the end of the matter.

So what motivates people to believe in something that has nothing to do with experimental science, cannot guarantee a career, and has no benefits for society like real science? Evolution is presented as science, but has never registered a new patent to better society. We can summarise their motivation with three F's: Freedom From Fire (hell). According to evolution, the universe and all life evolved naturally by itself: so there is no Creator; so man is not accountable to God; so there will be no judgement after death; so there is no life after death; so there is no need to consider eternity; so there is no heaven and hell; so the Bible consists of ancient myths; so one can relax and enjoy your life! That is such a relief to people that they are willing to stake their lives on it. If you don't believe it, watch the reaction of evolutionists when it looks as if somebody is going to burst their bubble. They become aggressive, abusive, hostile, angry and insulting. Normally when a scientist is questioned about some aspect of his work, he will answer with logical, clear reasoning. He does not need to get involved in verbal battles, because he doesn't feel that he is in danger. He accepts that the other person doesn't understand an aspect of his work and wants to be informed. That is not true for evolutionists. They cling tenaciously to their beliefs and are ready to fight the unholy one who dares to question Darwin, and feed him to the dogs.

Why is that? It is because their belief in evolution might not stand up to scrutiny. They hate it when they have to consider if there might not possibly be a Creator God and life after death? If that is true it will radically change their world view, and they don't want it tampered with. They love the 'freedom' from God that evolution implies. So there is nothing to worry about. They can live as they please and do what they want, with no eternal consequences.

Their reactions have another aspect, and that is, the enemy of God. God's enemy, the devil, is in control of sinful society and people are influenced by him. He is the one who is aggressive against the Creator and causes people to become belligerent. He prompts people to believe the impossible, namely evolution; and to do the impossible, namely attempt to get rid of the Creator. Unfortunately God and the Word of God, the Bible, rest on very secure foundations. Only if the natural, random evolution of the genetic recipe can be proven do we need to question the veracity of the Bible. Until then, it is safer to make sure one is filled with the Holy Spirit and lead by the Scriptures on how to prepare for eternity.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27