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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 26-11-2006
Category: Evolution related
Are we heading for the Dark Ages?

What is one of the advantages of living in our modern society? Science. Science just made life so much more comfortable and safer: communication, modern cars, more advanced computers, better medicines.

Science is specific: It is the systematic study of the nature and behavior of the material and physical universe, based on 1) observation, 2) experiment, 3) measurement, and 4) the formulation of laws to describe these facts in general terms. Science leads to many new applications of the laws of nature which we use everyday.

Examples of science and non-science:
Science: Photosynthesis which occurs in chloroplasts, is the process by which solar energy is converted to chemical-bond energy within carbohydrates. It can be represented by this equation: light energy + carbon dioxide + water ---> carbohydrate + oxygen (Sylvia Mader, Biology, Wm C Brown Publishers. A detailed description is given from page 122 to 134).

Non-science: ‘Life evolved in water, and living things are 70-80% water’ (Biology, S S Mader, WCB Publishers, 1985, p33). No experimental proof is given, it is just speculation.

Non-science: ‘Can science produce life? Simulation experiments have demonstrated how easily the basic compound could have formed. These, in turn could give rise to many other possibilities, such as components of nucleic acids and ATP, which is the energy system of all organisms’ (T M Berra, Evolution and the Myth of Creationism, Stanford University Press, 1990, p 73,74). The above is speculation and not observed, measured, formulated experimental data.

Non-science: Evolution of the eye: ‘So chance, design and complexity are handled adequately, if not always stunningly, by evolutionary theory and in biological observation and experimentation - sufficiently well to be scientific on the one hand, and not to require the ad hoc intervention of a supernatural Creator on the other’. ‘That the origin of life, if posed as a biochemical problem, remains incompletely solved as of the year 2000 is not particularly surprising and certainly not compelling evidence that it never will be. But if we are to continue to teach our children that such problems are beyond the purview of science because “the Creator did it”, we certainly will lessen our chances of ever finding out. Yet that’s exactly what creationists, including Philip Johnson and his colleagues- would have us believe’. (Niles Eldredge, The Triumph of Evolution and the failure of Creationism, H Holt and Co, 2000, p 142 -144).

Look carefully.
1. It is admitted that the problem of the origin of life has not yet been solved. But evolution is accepted as scientific fact. This is not science, it is speculation.
2. Why do they stay clear of giving scientific data for their beliefs instead of general observations? Why talk about creation by God making scientific studies impossible?

What is at stake is not the beliefs of either Christians or evolutionists. It is this: will we have true scientists in the future? Evolutionists believe the world came into being randomly by evolution, and Christians believe that God created it. Both have the right to their opinions. But it has nothing to do with science. To study the pathway of metabolism, or photosynthesis is in no way affected by the beliefs of the scientist. Science is independent of what one believes in - fairies, evolution, creation by God, et cetera. Science studies nature. Unless we can teach young students that, science will die because there is a big difference between real science and speculative science. Students should be protected from speculative science, otherwise we have a real threat of reverting to the Dark Ages, which will be terrible.

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"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27