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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 16-01-2007
Category: Christ related
Who invented Jesus?

It is said that the Bible is the work of men, who wrote down what they thought about God.

Most of the writers were unschooled, ordinary men (Acts 4:13). They wrote about a person by the name of Jesus Christ. That was almost 1900 years ago. And the name refuses to go away. Either His name is revered or reviled. There is no neutrality. In films for example, there are blasphemous exclamations like ‘Jesus Christ’, but never ‘Mohammed’ or ‘Buddha’. In the varied theological colleges, many love Jesus, and many teach that only the gullible believe in Him. Writers try to prove that He was married, or went to the East when He was young where He was taught by the gurus (E J Goodspeed, Strange New Gospels, University of Chicago Press, 1931). The Russian, Notovitch, relates the story of the young Issa (Jesus) who went to India to study the laws of the great Buddhas. Then we read that He feigned His death on the Cross (H Schonfield, The Passover Plot, Bantam Books, 1966). Or He is declared as only a good man, with high moral values and not the Son of God. G A Wells asserted the possibility that Jesus never existed at all, but that He was created by the writers after ancient mystery religions (Did Jesus Exist, Buffalo, Prometheus, 1975). At least we have the Roman Historian Tacitus who wrote in his Annals about Christos having been crucified during the time of Pontius Pilate (HC Kee, What can we know about Jesus,Cambridge University Press, 1990, p 10).

The amazing thing about this Jesus that they supposedly created is that He warned His disciples about the teachings of the Pharisees (the theologians of his day). Strangely enough this is exactly what is happening today. The following theologians spread the message that the Biblical account of Jesus Christ of Nazareth cannot be trusted : JD Crossan, The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant, Harper Collins, 1991; Marcus Borg, Jesus: A New Vision: Spirit, Culture and the Life of Discipleship, Harper Collins, 1987, and others. As the Jesus Seminar they decide what is the truth about Jesus.

If Jesus was the creation of ordinary writers, and the subsequent history of Christianity shows how the history of mankind was changed by Him, why are there not other fictional characters who impacted the world in the same way? It does take something to write about a person, give Him a name, and through thousands of years people adore or hate Him (incidentally He also predicted this - John 15:18). And if He is the invention of ordinary men, why the trouble throughout the world to get rid of Him? Think about the school systems, especially in the USA where it is forbidden by law to teach about Jesus Christ (J M Frame, Apologetics to the Glory of God, P& R, 1994, p 33).

Even the name Christmas must be removed because the word resembles that of Christ. How did these unschooled ordinary men who wrote the Bible, invent a character that millions of people through the years followed, even to death (J Foxe, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, Bridge-Logos, 2001. Rewritten by H J Chadwick)?

Throughout history, men couldn’t write another book like the Bible. It clearly points to the supernatural agency of the Holy Spirit, telling the disciples what to write.

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"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27