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Gerard de VosCreated by Gerard de Vos
on 25-01-2007
Category: Other
Clarity concerning Christianity, Judaism and Islam

The three monotheistic religions, namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism differ tremendously.

Christianity: It is based on the Bible, comprising the Old and the New Testaments. It’s Leader is Jesus Christ the Son of God, through whom salvation is attained. It’s followers are called Christians. Many groupings exist under the name of the Christian religion with their own brands of belief. Examples are Roman Catholics, and Protestants. Some of these do not agree with the teaching of the Bible, but still call themselves Christians.

Islam: It is the religion of Muslims, with the Koran as its sacred scripture. They teach that there is only one god, Allah (not a Trinity as in Christianity) and that Mohammed is their last prophet. Islam means submission of one’s life to Allah.

Judaism: It is the religion of the Jews, based on the Old Testament. They believe in one God who is the Creator of everything and the source of righteousness. The Jews, the offspring of Abraham, are known as God’s chosen people. They live in all parts of the world, but their homeland is Israel. For many centuries the land, Israel has been occupied by foreign forces, but since 1948 it is in their possession. They are continually in a fight for survival against hostile Islamic/Arab forces.

Islam rejects Christianity. Islam believes that they are the only true religion. Therefore the preaching of the Gospel is forbidden in most Islamic countries even at the pain of death. They reject the Trinity and Jesus as the Son of God. Therefore Allah is not the God of the Jews and the Christians. They do regard themselves as the offspring of Ishmael, the first son of Abraham, and hate the offspring of Isaac, the Jews. This hostility makes regular news headlines. Though they accept some parts of the Bible, they regard it as corrupted, with only the Koran the pure teaching of Allah as given to Mohammed.

Judaism is opposed to Christianity, because they regard Jesus as an impostor. They are still waiting for the real Messiah who will free them from their enemies and rule in peace. They worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is also the God of the Christians, who accept the New Testament as the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

Islam and Judaism is opposed to Christianity, but what about Christianity? Is it opposed to Islam and Judaism? Jesus never gave His followers any command about persecuting other religious groups. But He Himself said that the only way to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is through Him. This will never change.
Will there ever be peace between Islam and Christianity? No! Both insist that they have the truth, and there cannot be two truths. Their respective leaders are also very different: 1) Jesus was never married, and did not condone force for the spreading of the Gospel. He brought a clear message, namely that He is the way to God. He had no hand in the writing of the Bible. 2) Mohammed had many wives, used force to spread his message and wrote the Koran.

Will there ever be peace between Islam and Judaism (the Jews)? No! The Jews are the offspring of Isaac, and according to the Bible, the land of Israel was promised to them. (Gen 17:8 “The whole land of Canaan - Israel ... I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you, and I will be their God.”). The Muslims are the offspring of Ishmael, the son of Abraham by another wife. God said He would bless them, but the land, Israel is not their inheritance. (Gen 17:20,21 “And as for Ishmael, ... I will surely bless him; I will make him ... into a great nation. But my covenant I will establish with Isaac.” ) According to Gal 4:29, Ishmael persecuted the younger Isaac, and this is still continuing today.

Summary: The three monotheistic religions are very different. They cannot be regarded as equal.

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