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Created by P dv on 02-04-2007 Category: Faith related
How to give to God

Should you give to receive, or should you give to sacrifice?

What is giving to God all about. We see much need in this world, both in Christians and unbelievers. We sometimes see TV preachers asking you to give money in return for a blessing. Sometimes these requests seem to be more about receiving than giving.

How do you know when to give, to whom to give, and how much?

As with most matters in the life of a Christian we go to the Word of God, the Bible. God has substantial financial training in the Bible. God also has financial laws. One of which is give and receive.

Before we interpret any individual verse in the Bible, we should know God’s heart. Jesus teaches us about love for our neighbour. He says that if you love only those who love you, what are you doing that a sinner does not do. He teaches us to do what seems to hurt us. If you understand the heart of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will understand it is the laying down of your life. You lay it down, so that you will not lose it. This does not make sense to an unbeliever, but only to those who follow Christ.

So how should we give? Should we give to receive, or should we give to lay it down?

God does teach in the Bible that when we give we will receive. He also teaches that we should give in love. When we give to receive, do we give with the right motives? Will not a sinner also give if someone convinces him that he will receive a good return?

God teaches us to judge the motive of our hearts with His Word. Are you giving out of love and obedience, or are you giving out of lust, in order to receive. Are you giving in the hope that you will be able to buy that beautiful dream car?

To God it is all about the motives of your heart. Not what you do, but why you do it.

As a Christian, giving is to God. We should do it because we believe in the One Who gave the command. It is the same faith that makes us believe we will be saved, that is needed to give money or anything else. We should give because we know that God will reward us, but more importantly because He said we should. Why does God command us to give? Because of love. God expects us to love each other, and therefore give. We give because we love, not because we want.

To better understand the principle of giving, we should look at the motives. If we give to receive, what makes us different than any worldly person? If a sinner knows that He will receive if he gives, he also will give gladly. But the gospel message is different. It is giving, not taking. Therefore we should give, knowing that it is a sacrifice, and that God will reward it, but not because we want.

The principle of giving is love, not want. When you give to improve your own situation, you are not giving in love, but in selfish want.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27