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Dinosaurs in the Bible
Many people snigger at the Bible as an outdated, unscientifi...

Will all people be saved?
It is increasingly claimed that God, as a God of love, will ...

Rob Bell and hell
Universalism is the idea that all men are predestined for sa...

Why we need a powerful God
It is alleged that the miracles in the Bible are fiction sin...

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  • 5 Bible Facts
         An introduction to the greatest book ever written.
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  • A dangerous combination-a Christian and a closed Bible
         Do not neglect reading your Bible, because it is th...
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  • A guide to the Bible for the layman
         The Bible is still the Word of God.
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  • Adam and the Apple
         Humanity is divided into those who love and obey Go...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 911 times)

  • Ancient Babylon destroyed by the Bible?
         Fulfilled prophecies show that the Bible had more t...
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  • Beginning and end
         What God starts at the beginning is what He end wit...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1071 times)

  • Believe it or Not
         The Bible is indestructible, and this proves that i...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 3855 times)

  • Bible series, who wrote?
         God spoke personally to each person in the Bible. ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 903 times)

  • Book of Life
         Once one’s name is written in the Book of Lif...
          (3 comments)       (viewed 1214 times)

  • Bruce Willis
         Religions can be investigated by their books and th...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 959 times)

  • Can an unbeliever understand the Bible?
         Only the Holy Spirit knows the mind of God. He exp...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 998 times)

  • Contradictions in the Bible?
         Because Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowled...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1206 times)

  • Could man write this?
         Only God could have inspired the writers of the Bib...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 989 times)

  • Dan Brown's Bible
         The Bible is the product of God, not of man.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1463 times)

  • Did God create women inferior?
         A woman is her husband’s helper. The Holy Sp...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1309 times)

  • Did God lie to Abraham?
         God’s promise to Abraham that his offspring w...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 882 times)

  • Did Lot hate his daughters?
         How can a father give his daughters to be raped?
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1063 times)

  • Dinosaurs in the Bible
         The animals in Job 40 and 41 were possibly dinosaur...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1142 times)

  • Do Christians live on a different planet?
         As Christians we should know enough to explain our ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 839 times)

  • Does God exist?
         If you want to know if the Bible is the truth, look...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1351 times)

  • Does the devil deserve hell?
         Eternal fire was prepared for the devil and his ang...
          (3 comments)       (viewed 1161 times)

  • From man or God?
         The Bible is supernatural and you cannot deny it.
          (12 comments)       (viewed 8708 times)

  • Getting to know the Royal Family
         The Bible is the biography of the Trinity.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1322 times)

  • God and History
         Bible history is proof of it's supernatural origin....
          (5 comments)       (viewed 1319 times)

  • God and the Word
         We can get to know God through his book, the Bible....
          (0 comments)       (viewed 947 times)

  • God is a Trinity
         God is three persons in one.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 953 times)

  • God’s disproportionate system
         God has disproportionate rewards, judgement and wa...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1137 times)

  • God’s letter to us
         If you get chocolates from your sweetheart, you are...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 946 times)

  • God, Hitler and Stalin
         Jesus paid with His own life to establish His kingd...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 903 times)

  • God’s soldiers or prisoners of war?
         Faith in the Bible is very important to every Chris...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1369 times)

  • Heaven
         Heaven is a physical place and it will be completel...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1034 times)

  • History and the Bible
         Isreal's history is one of a kind. Because of the B...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 2132 times)

  • Homo’s and the church
         Homo’s are not to be judged, but cannot insis...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 881 times)

  • Hope
         Hope of eternal life is essential for motivation t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1029 times)

  • How do we know the Bible is important?
         We hear that the Bible is important by word of mout...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 950 times)

  • How does God and Saddam Hussein differ?
         God will not have traitors and assassins in His ete...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 877 times)

  • How important is the Bible to the believer?
         Like Jesus the Holy Spirit and the Bible should det...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 944 times)

  • How much is heaven worth?
         The Bible has an enemy that uses evolution to preve...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1025 times)

  • How the devil forces God to be fair
         There is mercy and grace this side of death, but it...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1235 times)

  • How well does the devil know the Bible?
         The devil orchestrated attack on the Bible shows th...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1217 times)

  • Immigration Brochure
         A summary of the message of the Bible.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1624 times)

  • Is God a capitalist or a communist?
         God expects His children to lay up treasures for th...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 971 times)

  • Is God a religious nut?
         God’s eternal kingdom is the prototype of the sys...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 843 times)

  • Is Jesus the Bible?
         Jesus saves and the Bible saves. Therefore they ha...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 1184 times)

  • Is hell unfair?
         God has a hell for criminals as we have jail, so th...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 805 times)

  • Is the Bible the result of evolution?
         Evolution has infiltrated every part of our Western...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 984 times)

  • Is the Old Testament necessary?
         Without the Old Testament the NT has no backround
          (0 comments)       (viewed 904 times)

  • Is the devil a lame duck?
         The devil is in control of the world and tries to c...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 1099 times)

  • Is there a second chance?
         There is no second chance to go to heaven once you ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1103 times)

  • Islam's attack against the Bible
         Israel and Islam proves that the Bible is true.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 2075 times)

  • Israel and the Bible
         Israel belongs to the Jews and the Bible is indestr...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1161 times)

  • Judging others
         Those inside the church are judged and not those ou...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1170 times)

  • Kill them all!
         The total destruction of cities in the Old Testamen...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1157 times)

  • Lies that reveal the Truth
         The hatred against the Bible proves that it is supe...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1847 times)

  • Light before the sun?
         On the new earth there will be no sun, because God ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 921 times)

  • Light without the sun?
         It is logical that God who is Light, created light ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1106 times)

  • Making the Choice!
         You have to choose between God (the Bible) and the ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1558 times)

  • Money, the subject of the Bible
         The Bible tells you how to become really wealthy.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1124 times)

  • Photosynthesis and the Bible
         The Bible is too complex to be a product of man.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1584 times)

  • Prayer exposes the inclinations of the heart
         Prayer is actually a message to God that we trust h...
          (3 comments)       (viewed 1160 times)

  • Reading the Bible
         The Bible should be read with the help of the Holy ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1763 times)

  • Scientology and Moonies
         The Bible cannot be compared to the religious books...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 856 times)

  • Sin in a sinless world
         God uses Lucifer to sift people for His eternal kin...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1076 times)

  • Six twenty four hour days?
         Did God really create the heavens and the earth in ...
          (7 comments)       (viewed 1193 times)

  • Spartacus, Jesus and slavery
         Jesus abolishes slavery from inside a person’s he...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1148 times)

  • Talking about a talking snake
         The talking snake was that ancient serpent, the dev...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1366 times)

  • The 2000 year War
         The Bible is attacked because it has an eternal ene...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1843 times)

  • The Bible, written or recorded?
         Was the written Word of God, the Bible, the work of...
          (3 comments)       (viewed 6170 times)

  • The Boeremag and God’s rule
         The Boeremag was charged with treason, but God comm...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 744 times)

  • The Council of Nicaea
         Who chose the 66 books of the Bible?
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1278 times)

  • The Divine origin of the Bible
         Some Bible verses to show that the Bible was a reve...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1019 times)

  • The Word of God - infallible and precise?
         The Bible could not have been written merely by hum...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 953 times)

  • The dual nature of the Bible
         The Bible is supernatural and natural and both toge...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1201 times)

  • The eighth wonder of the world
         The lang was against the indestructible Bible is th...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1181 times)

  • The fight about heaven
         The fight against the Bible is a fight by the dev...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 953 times)

  • The origin of evil
         The devil is the father of evil
          (0 comments)       (viewed 947 times)

  • The supernatural world to come
         A description of the supernatural new, eternal eart...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 851 times)

  • The value of hindsight
         The Bible gives foresight, so that we do not need t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1188 times)

  • Time, space and people
         God created time, space and people and set the Bibl...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 889 times)

  • Tossed around like a wave
         Don’t try to stand with your one foot on the ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1563 times)

  • Treasure map or terrible tale?
         Be aware of false teachers.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 2477 times)

  • Was Jesus right in confirming that the Old Testament is reliable?
         Voices are heard that the Old Testament is myth, or...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1020 times)

  • Wavering about the Word of God
         Do not continue wavering and fall into the same as ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1011 times)

  • What do we believe?
         Summary of what the Bible is.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1417 times)

  • What does God look like?
         God is invisible today, but one day He will be seen...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1094 times)

  • What is Truth?
         Before the Roman governor, Pilate, condemned Jesus ...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1281 times)

  • What is going on in South Africa?
         Conditions in South Africa will only change if God ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 869 times)

  • What will hell be like?
         Hell cannot be wished away. Authorities also put cr...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 884 times)

  • Where does morality come from?
         Morality comes from God. It is the behavior He pre...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 834 times)

  • Which Bible Translation?
         Ask the Holy Spirit which translation you need.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1833 times)

  • Who is the boss, God or the devil?
         The devil rules the world, but God is in control.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1054 times)

  • Who rules, gold or God?
         Our modern civilization gives the impression that m...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 883 times)

  • Who wrote the Bible, God or man?
         In these confusing times that we live in, there is ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 918 times)

  • Why must we die?
         Death is a merciful act of God to prevent men from ...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1051 times)

  • Why God created sex
         As the man wants to be in the woman, God demonstrat...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 893 times)

  • Why a flood?
         Various lessons are learned through the flood.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 935 times)

  • Why did Achan have to die?
         If Achan was left off the hook, it means that God&r...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1161 times)

  • Why do we have two Testaments?
         Without both Testaments our knowledge of God and Hi...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 871 times)

  • Why is God invisible?
         God is invisible as a test. Will we believe even i...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 878 times)

  • Why must we suffer?
         We suffer like our Redeemer.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1154 times)

  • Why such a voluminous book?
         The Bible is thick because it contains advice all o...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1165 times)

  • Will Christians be judged?
         All people will give an account to God even Christi...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 828 times)

  • Will there be divorce in heaven?
         God makes sure who loves Jesus and only those peopl...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 859 times)

  • Will there be science in heaven?
         God designed this world for scientific research, th...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1087 times)

  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27