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Whitney Houston and investing in God’s kingdom
We were all shocked to hear about the death of Whitney Houst...

Christians stumped by Islamic preachers
A debate between a Christian and a Muslim can be quite uncom...

A quick guide to twenty four hour creation
There was a time when cyanide was used to execute criminals ...

The scope of salvation-do we understand it?
Jesus is the gate leading into the sheep fold of God and ont...

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  • A quick guide to twenty four hour creation
         Scientifically 24 hour creation accounts better tha...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1320 times)

  • Angry evolutionists
         Evolutionists cannot answer how life began. They re...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 846 times)

  • Are Evolutionists wasting scientists’ time?
         What is science? To explain, let us use the exampl...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1034 times)

  • Are we heading for the Dark Ages?
         If speculation is regarded as science, true knowled...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1655 times)

  • Can a circle be a square?
         God did not create over long periods, because evolu...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1133 times)

  • Can one believe in science and evolution?
         To accept evolution, does not depend on scientific ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 967 times)

  • Can science prove the Bible?
         Many people say that evolution is a scientific fact...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 942 times)

  • Can science prove the existence of God?
         God and evolution claim to have created. Who is rig...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1271 times)

  • Creation by evolution?
         Did God create in 6 days or not?
          (11 comments)       (viewed 5150 times)

  • Darwin's anti-science, anti-intellectual legacy
         Darwin left us with legacy of mindless believers.
          (10 comments)       (viewed 1506 times)

  • Dating methods are not reliable.
         When the ages of rocks are known, dating methods ar...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1780 times)

  • Dawkins, history deniers and science deniers
         Dawkins says evolution is a fact, but he can give n...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1290 times)

  • Did God create instantaneously or by evolution over millions of years?
         Evolutionists only have examples of variation in ki...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1417 times)

  • Dinosaurs and living fossils
         Why do are we not told that many other plants and a...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1099 times)

  • Do Christians hate science?
         Christians are not against science, because the Ori...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1044 times)

  • EcoSystems
         Does evolution make sense at all?
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1611 times)

  • Evolution proves that there are eternal destinations.
         Evolutionists constantly attack the Bible, God and ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1250 times)

  • Fleeing from East Berlin
         Evolutionary belief acts as a wall to prevent scien...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1355 times)

  • Has modern man lost the ability to think logically?
         Evolutionary experiments are not valid.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1949 times)

  • How Moses caused a media scandal
         Archeology and history is on the side of the Bible....
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1645 times)

  • How science and evolution differ
         While science is objective, evolution is subjective...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1035 times)

  • If Evolution is true...
         How did the world of the spirit evolve?
          (3 comments)       (viewed 1246 times)

  • Is Science influenced by religion?
         Science is independent of religion and supposed to ...
          (3 comments)       (viewed 1626 times)

  • Is creation in 6 days plausible?
         It is scientifically impossible for evolution to be...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1096 times)

  • Old age of the earth and belief in the Bible
         Anyone who believes that God lied about creation in...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1368 times)

  • Parallels between creation and evolution
         There are many parallels between the two, but the B...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1292 times)

  • Pathological fear of the flood
         Evolutionists are so afraid to concede that there w...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1012 times)

  • The Almighty Artist
         God made everything. It did not evolve.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1662 times)

  • The Bible and Geology
         Is the earth really millions of yeaars old?
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1319 times)

  • The Bible and Science
         Christians do not oppose science.
          (10 comments)       (viewed 5983 times)

  • The Mastermind behind evolution
         There is a spiritual dimension to the spread of evo...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1028 times)

  • The Religion of Evolution
         Evolution poses as science, but is actually a relig...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1112 times)

  • The creator is the owner
         God as the Creator is the owner of His universe. Th...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1634 times)

  • The devil, evolution’s beneficiary
         Evolution does not show the character of science, b...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1337 times)

  • The miracle of evolution
         Evolution does not come close to being a scientific...
          (21 comments)       (viewed 1931 times)

  • The subtle message of evolution to believers
         Belief in evolution starts disbelief in the Bible.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1033 times)

  • Two questions evolutionists can never answer
         No evolutionist can answer how or where life began ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1253 times)

  • What does Mugabe teach us about evolution?
         Like Mugabe, evolution rules the scientific world l...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1034 times)

  • What is so big about the Big Bang?
         Not all scientists agree on the possibility of a Bi...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1227 times)

  • What is the motive of Evolution?
         If man evolved from an ape he is not accountable to...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 892 times)

  • What value in believing evolution?
         Evolution has no other value than ’Freedom fr...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1134 times)

  • Why do we harp on evolution?
         If evolution is true and Adam and Eve is a myth, it...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1072 times)

  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27