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Two questions evolutionists can never answer
Many Christians are confused about creation in 24 hour perio...

The Bible and the Koran regarding violence
The Bible and the Koran differ completely when it comes to t...

Two questions evolutionists can never answer
Many Christians are confused about creation in 24 hour perio...

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church
Would the Billy Graham Evangelistic Society have declared th...

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  • Angry evolutionists
         Evolutionists cannot answer how life began. They re...
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         What is science? To explain, let us use the exampl...
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  • Are we heading for the Dark Ages?
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  • Can a circle be a square?
         God did not create over long periods, because evolu...
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         To accept evolution, does not depend on scientific ...
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  • Can science prove the Bible?
         Many people say that evolution is a scientific fact...
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  • Can science prove the existence of God?
         God and evolution claim to have created. Who is rig...
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  • Creation by evolution?
         Did God create in 6 days or not?
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  • Darwin's anti-science, anti-intellectual legacy
         Darwin left us with legacy of mindless believers.
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  • Dating methods are not reliable.
         When the ages of rocks are known, dating methods ar...
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  • Dawkins, history deniers and science deniers
         Dawkins says evolution is a fact, but he can give n...
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  • Did God create instantaneously or by evolution over millions of years?
         Evolutionists only have examples of variation in ki...
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  • Dinosaurs and living fossils
         Why do are we not told that many other plants and a...
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  • Do Christians hate science?
         Christians are not against science, because the Ori...
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  • EcoSystems
         Does evolution make sense at all?
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  • Evolution proves that there are eternal destinations.
         Evolutionists constantly attack the Bible, God and ...
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  • Fleeing from East Berlin
         Evolutionary belief acts as a wall to prevent scien...
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  • Has modern man lost the ability to think logically?
         Evolutionary experiments are not valid.
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  • How Moses caused a media scandal
         Archeology and history is on the side of the Bible....
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  • How science and evolution differ
         While science is objective, evolution is subjective...
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  • If Evolution is true...
         How did the world of the spirit evolve?
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  • Is Science influenced by religion?
         Science is independent of religion and supposed to ...
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  • Is creation in 6 days plausible?
         It is scientifically impossible for evolution to be...
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  • Old age of the earth and belief in the Bible
         Anyone who believes that God lied about creation in...
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  • Parallels between creation and evolution
         There are many parallels between the two, but the B...
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  • Pathological fear of the flood
         Evolutionists are so afraid to concede that there w...
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  • The Almighty Artist
         God made everything. It did not evolve.
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  • The Bible and Geology
         Is the earth really millions of yeaars old?
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  • The Bible and Science
         Christians do not oppose science.
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  • The Mastermind behind evolution
         There is a spiritual dimension to the spread of evo...
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  • The Religion of Evolution
         Evolution poses as science, but is actually a relig...
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  • The creator is the owner
         God as the Creator is the owner of His universe. Th...
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  • The devil, evolution’s beneficiary
         Evolution does not show the character of science, b...
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  • The miracle of evolution
         Evolution does not come close to being a scientific...
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  • The subtle message of evolution to believers
         Belief in evolution starts disbelief in the Bible.
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  • Two questions evolutionists can never answer
         No evolutionist can answer how or where life began ...
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  • What does Mugabe teach us about evolution?
         Like Mugabe, evolution rules the scientific world l...
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  • What is so big about the Big Bang?
         Not all scientists agree on the possibility of a Bi...
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  • What is the motive of Evolution?
         If man evolved from an ape he is not accountable to...
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  • What value in believing evolution?
         Evolution has no other value than ’Freedom fr...
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  • Why do we harp on evolution?
         If evolution is true and Adam and Eve is a myth, it...
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  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27