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Who inspires Islam?
Muslims believe that their book, the Qur'an, was 'sent down'...

Is hell unfair?
There are people who complain that a God of love could never...

Why do Muslims memorize the Koran?
It is a well known fact that many Muslims are very proficien...

The winning streak of a loser in life
All around us we see the books: how to become successful, or...

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  • A Commentary on the film ’As it is in heaven’
         This film very successfully really slanders the chu...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1240 times)

  • Adam and Eve, Myth or History?
         Adam and Eve daily influence society.
          (4 comments)       (viewed 1245 times)

  • Aliens and UFOs
         Aliens and UFOs are a direct result from the evolut...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1213 times)

  • Are we witnessing another holocaust?
         The present holocaust is not physical, but intellec...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1056 times)

  • Ashamed of the Bible?
         If the Bible was unreliable, why do its critics not...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1049 times)

  • Bishop Spong and hell
         Are you going to believe the Bible or Bishop Spong?...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1016 times)

  • Did aliens write the Bible?
         ’Aliens’, namely the triune God promise...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 2283 times)

  • Do same sex marriages fit into God’s pattern?
         There is a lot of discussion about the traditional ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 903 times)

  • Does God prefer brainless believers?
         Christianity is an intelligent faith.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1136 times)

  • Enough water for a world wide flood?
         Millions of fossil-beds all over the world point to...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1475 times)

  • God and discipline
         Society tries to discard the universal principle of...
          (5 comments)       (viewed 1302 times)

  • God and the Old Testament
         God is the Creator and Judge of this world.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1427 times)

  • God has a data base
         Is your name written in the Book of Life?
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1255 times)

  • Have some Christians lost the way?
         Ignoring the Bible causes damage to the Church.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1567 times)

  • How strong is Bishop Spong?
         Can some one like Bishop Spong, who opposes Bible ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1062 times)

  • Is Christianity a crutch for the weak?
         It takes the help of the Holy Spirit to live the Ch...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 950 times)

  • Is God fast or slow?
         Why is only the 6 creation days long ages and not t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 916 times)

  • Lord, save us from morality!
         Morality comes from an inner conviction of the hear...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 955 times)

  • Man of God, why forget the Lord?
         If theologians defect from God, catastrophe strikes...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 948 times)

  • Must Genesis 1 be literally true?
         If the first creation is not literal, the new, eter...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1156 times)

  • Prof Hawking and the Doomsday Clock
         Our current earth is on the side of the Bible.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1788 times)

  • Resurrection: Reality or Rubbish?
         False theologians prove that the Bible is true.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1678 times)

  • Rob Bell and hell
         Universalism is such a nice message, but then you d...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1470 times)

  • Sceptics must learn from history
         There have always been sceptics who attacked God an...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1040 times)

  • Stop the world, its getting mad
         So called Christian countries are socially unstable...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1108 times)

  • The Fishy tale of Jonah
         The story of Jonah is not unbelievable at all.
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1966 times)

  • The New Endangered Species
         Christians are endangered if their faith in the Bib...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 2014 times)

  • The Pincer Principle of war
         A favorite method of warfare is to encircle the ene...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 982 times)

  • The Trinity
         It is the anti-christ spirit that tries to disprove...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1615 times)

  • The battle against hell
         Liberal theologians say there is no hell, but why t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1067 times)

  • The danger of Prayer
         Prayer has the power to uplift and heal in all area...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 2315 times)

  • The devil’s evangelists
         The devil’s evangelists try convince the worl...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 989 times)

  • Thinking Clearly?
         Israel is living proof that the Bible is valid.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1539 times)

  • What is a Christian?
         It is not some one in a church, but some one who be...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1901 times)

  • Where do sceptics come from?
         Sceptics originate in the Garden of Eden, where tha...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 991 times)

  • Where on earth is heaven?
         Heaven is a very real, wonderful place.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1708 times)

  • Where will good people spend eternity?
         Faith in Jesus Christ is required to enter heaven.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1530 times)

  • Whose Bishop is Bishop Spong?
         A title does not prove that someone is reliable and...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 904 times)

  • Why are good things from God, but not bad things?
         The devil is responsible for bad things.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1603 times)

  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27