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Discern between religion and relationship
Do all people who go to church and take part in religious pr...

Why did Allah give wrong information to Muhammad?
The Qur'an is the holy scripture of the Muslim people. Thei...

Polygamy and slavery
One of the standard accusations against God is that He allow...

A quick fix faith fast
When God planned the Bible He knew that people in the 21st c...

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  • A Commentary on the film ’As it is in heaven’
         This film very successfully really slanders the chu...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1240 times)

  • Adam and Eve, Myth or History?
         Adam and Eve daily influence society.
          (4 comments)       (viewed 1245 times)

  • Aliens and UFOs
         Aliens and UFOs are a direct result from the evolut...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1213 times)

  • Are we witnessing another holocaust?
         The present holocaust is not physical, but intellec...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1056 times)

  • Ashamed of the Bible?
         If the Bible was unreliable, why do its critics not...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1049 times)

  • Bishop Spong and hell
         Are you going to believe the Bible or Bishop Spong?...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1016 times)

  • Did aliens write the Bible?
         ’Aliens’, namely the triune God promise...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 2283 times)

  • Do same sex marriages fit into God’s pattern?
         There is a lot of discussion about the traditional ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 903 times)

  • Does God prefer brainless believers?
         Christianity is an intelligent faith.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1136 times)

  • Enough water for a world wide flood?
         Millions of fossil-beds all over the world point to...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1475 times)

  • God and discipline
         Society tries to discard the universal principle of...
          (5 comments)       (viewed 1302 times)

  • God and the Old Testament
         God is the Creator and Judge of this world.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1427 times)

  • God has a data base
         Is your name written in the Book of Life?
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1255 times)

  • Have some Christians lost the way?
         Ignoring the Bible causes damage to the Church.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1567 times)

  • How strong is Bishop Spong?
         Can some one like Bishop Spong, who opposes Bible ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1062 times)

  • Is Christianity a crutch for the weak?
         It takes the help of the Holy Spirit to live the Ch...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 950 times)

  • Is God fast or slow?
         Why is only the 6 creation days long ages and not t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 916 times)

  • Lord, save us from morality!
         Morality comes from an inner conviction of the hear...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 955 times)

  • Man of God, why forget the Lord?
         If theologians defect from God, catastrophe strikes...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 948 times)

  • Must Genesis 1 be literally true?
         If the first creation is not literal, the new, eter...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1156 times)

  • Prof Hawking and the Doomsday Clock
         Our current earth is on the side of the Bible.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1788 times)

  • Resurrection: Reality or Rubbish?
         False theologians prove that the Bible is true.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1678 times)

  • Rob Bell and hell
         Universalism is such a nice message, but then you d...
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1470 times)

  • Sceptics must learn from history
         There have always been sceptics who attacked God an...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1040 times)

  • Stop the world, its getting mad
         So called Christian countries are socially unstable...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1108 times)

  • The Fishy tale of Jonah
         The story of Jonah is not unbelievable at all.
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1966 times)

  • The New Endangered Species
         Christians are endangered if their faith in the Bib...
          (4 comments)       (viewed 2014 times)

  • The Pincer Principle of war
         A favorite method of warfare is to encircle the ene...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 982 times)

  • The Trinity
         It is the anti-christ spirit that tries to disprove...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1615 times)

  • The battle against hell
         Liberal theologians say there is no hell, but why t...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1067 times)

  • The danger of Prayer
         Prayer has the power to uplift and heal in all area...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 2315 times)

  • The devil’s evangelists
         The devil’s evangelists try convince the worl...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 989 times)

  • Thinking Clearly?
         Israel is living proof that the Bible is valid.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1539 times)

  • What is a Christian?
         It is not some one in a church, but some one who be...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1901 times)

  • Where do sceptics come from?
         Sceptics originate in the Garden of Eden, where tha...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 991 times)

  • Where on earth is heaven?
         Heaven is a very real, wonderful place.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1708 times)

  • Where will good people spend eternity?
         Faith in Jesus Christ is required to enter heaven.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1530 times)

  • Whose Bishop is Bishop Spong?
         A title does not prove that someone is reliable and...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 904 times)

  • Why are good things from God, but not bad things?
         The devil is responsible for bad things.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1603 times)

  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27