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How well does the devil know the Bible?
Superficially, it sounds like a stupid question: why would t...

Was Jesus insensitive?
We use the term 'politically incorrect' to indicate that som...

Brad and Angelina
Since one cannot always be sure that newspaper reporting is ...

Should a world wide financial crisis frighten a Christian?
It is interesting how the Bible shows itself accurate in eve...

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  • A measuring rod for truth
         The rod to measure what you trust in to take you to...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1015 times)

  • An Equal Opportunity Country
         God has a plan. Individuals can be part of it.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1453 times)

  • Big mouthed about Israel
         Don’t criticize Israel, but rather understand...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1062 times)

  • Christians and pseudo Christians
         A bad imitation should not cause people to reject a...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1074 times)

  • Christians stumped by Islamic preachers
         Islamic preachers can quote many Bible verses. Don...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1339 times)

  • Clarity concerning Christianity, Judaism and Islam
         The 3 monotheistic religions are very different.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1471 times)

  • Confusion about the Koran
         The Bible and the Koran differ very much: 23 vs 150...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1095 times)

  • Debating Islam
         The Bible is a historical book and the Koran not.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1001 times)

  • Did a good God make a bad devil?
         God created the devil with a free will. He had a ch...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1817 times)

  • Do God and Allah have violent characters?
         Their characters differ.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1385 times)

  • Do all people know about God?
         Is God fair. Do all people know about Him?
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1524 times)

  • Drinking poison, the test for Christians
         If Christians must drink poison and survive to prov...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1351 times)

  • God designed humans for health
         Obeying God can bring healing and health.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1667 times)

  • God, Allah and submission
         They both require submission, but in a different wa...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1032 times)

  • Haiti. Who is to blame, God or voodoo?
         The country was re-dedicated to the spirits of the ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1340 times)

  • How does God and Allah see women?
         There is no difference between men and women in God...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1009 times)

  • Is God and Allah in the same league?
         God and Allah are not the same Divine Person.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1307 times)

  • Islam and women
         You might be surprised that Islam does not regard w...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1347 times)

  • Islamic Propagation Centre
         Is Islam a religion of peace if it shoots and kills...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 752 times)

  • Islamic war against the Bible
         When Muslims try to prove that Jesus is not the Son...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1197 times)

  • Long time no see
         We haven’t written because we wrote a book and ha...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1202 times)

  • Richard Dawkins, an excellent proof that God is real
         A person like R D is influenced by the devil.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1275 times)

  • Talk is cheap
         Just like human beings, God should prove by His dee...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 998 times)

  • The Bible and the Koran regarding violence
         Jesus’ message is spread when the Holy Spirit...
          (20 comments)       (viewed 2281 times)

  • The Miracle of the Trinity
         The Trinity is not a myth or unbelievable.
          (2 comments)       (viewed 1580 times)

  • The koran and the Trinity
         The Trinity is an integral part of the salvation of...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1116 times)

  • Two views of the Bible
         Gerard moved from atheism to loving Jesus Christ.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 939 times)

  • Unbelieving believers?
         Deeds are required to spread the gospel.
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1590 times)

  • What about the Crusades?
         Some facts about the Crusades.
          (2 comments)       (viewed 8951 times)

  • Where does the Qur’an come from?
         The Qur’an was compiled by Zaid and did not o...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 944 times)

  • Who inspires Islam?
         Islam is inspired by the spirit of the antichrist.
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1067 times)

  • Who is Gabriel?
         The angel Gabriel in the Bible is not the same pers...
          (1 comments)       (viewed 1354 times)

  • Who is partial, God or Allah?
         God favors no-one, while Allah favors men, Muhammad...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1137 times)

  • Why defend the Koran?
         God can defend Himself, Allah and the Koran need pe...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1214 times)

  • Why did Allah copy from the Bible?
         Why does Allah not have his own historical account ...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1215 times)

  • Why did Allah give wrong information to Muhammad?
         The Bible stories in the Koran are not always corre...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1122 times)

  • Why do Muslims memorize the Koran?
         Muslims memorize the Koran because they do not have...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1200 times)

  • Why is life not easy for a christian?
         Strive hard to enter the kingdom of God, it doesn&r...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 959 times)

  • Why so many churches?
         All the different churches are not wrong as long as...
          (0 comments)       (viewed 1073 times)

  • "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27